The Journey Begins

Thanks for joining us. We aren’t new to blogging (Check out our other blog homeschooling per se but this site is. As you can tell from our page we are located in NYC. It has its pros and cons but while we are here (eventually we will move), we are taking full advantage of all the opportunities.

If your not on my personal Facebook page, then you don’t know the struggle we’ve gone through this past school year. M (he’s 6 now) started Kindergarten at a progressive NYC public school. He was in a bigger class size (19, which is small for NY) and still learning Mandarin. It was his second year at this school but since October things were getting consistently worse. His academics and social interactions both regressed. Some background to M is that he was diagnosed autistic, sensory processing disorder, anxiety and adhd at just before 4 (adhd is new). So the last few years we’ve been working really hard to help him accomplish his goals and to see him regress was frustrating and hurtful and also worrisome. I was intervening at home, we tried intervening at school and everything in between. What I didn’t know until last Friday (his 6th birthday and my final straw) was that he was being choked daily. Yes, you read that right. Now I understand the NYC D.O.E terms of what’s considered bullying but the school and district kept denying the problem. The child who was harming M, had little to no consequences if the teacher saw. I was told this by M’s fellow classmates, which is not okay since I was on the PTA board and SLT. If they can do that to my child (not looking for special treatment but solving real issues I know my child wasn’t the only one dealing with) then what else is really happening.

After some thinking and more research into what schools would possibly be a better fit, and having done homeschooling for M’s preschool years, we found it best to pull him out immediately and to homeschool. We are on day 3 and doing better than his best day in that classroom. He’s been much more focused, enjoys the attention and has more curiosity then before. We have a relaxed curriculum we are following (Time4Learning) which I ask him to do 30-45 mins daily (or 8 activities a day based on requirements. We have a few worksheets we’ve been using, Netflix, Amazon Prime, Books and a bunch of apps along with YouTube. There are so many resources available that are free, or your using already. We also live in one of the biggest cities in the world giving us so many opportunities to explore. In fact tomorrow we are heading to the Natural History Museum to focus on Dinosaur and Geology, while there I’m sure we will see more than just that, we always do.

We are exhausted from the transitioning and prep work to get back on track but it’s all worth it. Now I’m not saying homeschooling is the best option for every child but it’s what’s best for us right now. There’s lots to learn about it and always new things, just like anything else, popping up. So follow along and watch M grow and explore while I document and provide resources.



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