List of awesome YouTube Channels

List of awesome YouTube Channels

Are your kids on YouTube as much as mine? I figured why not compile an awesome list of educational channels so he’s always learning


Coyote Peterson

Brave Wilderness


Nat geo

Discovery Channel

B&B Beetleworx

Sci show

Schi show kids

Animal Rescue

Wolf Conservation

Mark Rober

Backyard Scienist

MEL science


Science Max

Deep Look

Magic School Bus

All things animals TV

Bill Nye the Science guy

Chasing monsters

Scott- Manley

What’s inside

Everyday astronaut

Ants Canada


Simple History





Math antics


Art to Know with Mommy O

Art Hub


Jack Hartmann


Homeschool Pop

Dr. Binocs

Dude Perfect

Story time with Mrs. P

Crash Course

Mr. Demaio

Ted ed


Les stroud

Smarter everyday

Born different

Primitive Technology

Crazy Russian hacker

The king of random

7 second riddles

BBC earth

It’s ok to be smart

Horrible history

How to make everything

Minute earth

Minute physics

The brain scoop

Steve Spangler

Grandmas house

Donuts makes science

The odd1sout

Nerdy nummies

Space girl

Physics girl

Life hacks for kids

Good mythical morning

Kids make

Operation ouch

Sick science

Gross science

Brain craft

Science sparks

Origin of everything

How ridiculous

Life noggin

Nature league

Brightly story time

Storybook nanny


The fab. Lab

Geography now

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