Is Everything going to be okay?

I sit here typing this while listening to Governor Cuomo about what is happening. I get how scary this is. I’m terrified as well. The uncertainty is the scariest part of it. We don’t know how long this is going to go on for. Health wise and Economy wise well thats where my fear is. As for education, well as a veteran homeschooler I don’t have concerns but many of you are new to homeschooling or forced into this situation with the pandemic. I have a feeling that NY schools will continue to be closed until the end of the school year and possibly into next school year. Trying not to be a buzz kill but being realistic. This is the time to switch to homeschooling if you are struggling with the distant learning. However I’m seeing a lot of families say that the one benefit with the quarantine is that they are now seeing where their child is struggling with in school.

Okay not a total bright side but with family time and working on those weak spots you can encourage your child better. I’m also seeing many parents complaining about the amount of work from the distant learning. Look like i said above, now is the time to switch to homeschooling if you are feeling that way. It’s okay to take that step and return when ready.

Alright since I made the title Is Everything going to be Okay? With education yes. It’s okay to take time off, its okay to play board games, its okay to watch tv or movies, its okay to spend your day reading books, its okay to cook, its okay to clean. Not every learning experience will be on the computer, or through worksheets/ workbooks. The only thing not recommended is being outside necessarily, that includes exercise, at least in the city when many people are still not social distancing.

We will get over this pandemic if we work together, flatten the curve and stay safe and healthy. Love and Peace to you all.