In response to Harvard Professor calling a ban to homeschooling

In response to Harvard Professor calling a ban to homeschooling

I will link the two articles that are circulating the homeschooling facebook groups that I have read. One is about the summit and wanting to ban and the second was in response to this. So here they are:

Let me start by saying that this professor has no bearing on the actual laws at a state or federal level. So I wouldn’t be too concerned on that. Secondly I can tell you by reading the article that she has done absolutely no research at all and is very bias, racist and economically and educationally privileged. I will get more into that in a moment.

Before I go off about how incredibly wrong she is, she does make three valid points that can be said of some homeschoolers but not all or even most. Her first point was that there are homeschoolers who are schooling as if they are in a cult. Now it’s even a few weeks since i read the article and I apologize for my inaccuracies but this is my take on it. There are a LOT of homeschoolers who are religious. Most of the curriculums I’ve found are Christian based but i do believe there are a couple of Jewish ones. Now as long as they follow their state laws, that shouldn’t be an issue. As a parent whose grown up in a multi religious household, my goal for my own child is to give him a rounded education for him to decided what he wants to believe, However, as long as these homeschoolers are raising kind, independent humans to be apart of society, their shouldn’t be an issue. We are in America and we are allowed to choose our own religion without being persecuted.

This leads me to her second point, I do somewhat agree with. There isnt a consistency when it comes to homeschooling laws. Here is a website that breaks it down state wide from lenient to harshest when it comes to the homeschooling laws.

So as you can see only 11 states you do not even need to give a notice in. Where as states like New York are considered harsher when it comes to the laws. I completely understand that we should have consistency on some level on a federal level but even within our own states, some districts are more about regulation than others. Many may disagree with me on that but this is also a public school issue when not everyone is getting the same level of education either.

Point three which again is also an issue in Public schools, she talks about abuse. Yes it is concerning that some parents, again NOT ALL, could use homeschooling as a way to hide abuse. Let’s be real, this happens in public school and staff can and have failed to see and report it. There are many cases of this. It is sad but again a rare con.

On to why I know she didn’t do research on homeschooling and went with old assumptions on what homeschooling is like and used for.

1. Socialization – one of the biggest questions and yet one of our least concerns. Homeschooled kids have a lot of opportunities to interact with others in co – ops, library, classes, playground, churches, field trips and so many more. In fact they get more time to socialize than in public school where kids are supposed to be sitting at a desk majority of their day listening or doing work.

2. Success – Studies have shown that homeschoolers have a 33% more success rate than public schoolers because of their drive, opportunities, focus and interaction with their community

3. Public Schools- The professor continues to go on about banning and forcing kids back into the public school system. Here is the real deal. Class sizes are already far too large for most to even succeed at an average rate. Many teachers cant or wont adjust the lessons to each child’s need. Add on that public schools are festered with bullying and very few times its stopped before suicide or mass shootings. Another add on is that most schools tend to fail special needs kids and give them the time and resources they need to succeed in life. Those are many reasons that parents decide to homeschool or have felt the need to pull their child out of public school to homeschool. My family included in that decision.

4. The article was published just before lock down and the wide spread distant learning. Now understanding that distant learning is not the same as homeschooling, many families are now realizing how behind their child is and how lacking the curriculum is during this situation. They want the best for their child, which we all do. Homeschooling is in many ways a privilege but it is no just Caucasians homeschooling. In fact there are homeschoolers on all 6 human inhabited continents. Many of them do look toward the United States as the forefront.

Okay as I close out this response, I did email the professor and asked her to kindly actually do her research and speak with homeschoolers. Even if she skimmed the facebook groups she will see all the real issues that have been brought up when it comes to public schools and how we as homeschoolers solve problems and help the community. If anyone needs help please do contact me. I am mere than happy to help.

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