Using Minecraft for Lessons

Using Minecraft for Lessons

Ive written about our Minecraft challenge but between Wednesday and last night, I’ve spend so much time researching and ordering Minecraft workbooks, chapter books, building books, downloading lessons and map from Minecraft Education. I fell into this loop thanks to my sweet 7 year old whose become obsessed. Now I’m also getting certified to teach thanks to Minecraft education, so hopefully soon I’ll be writing my own lesson plans and we will be posting How Tos and Worlds on our Diamond Pro Gamer YouTube channel (aka Matt’s gaming channel). I’m sure he will do a much better than I to explain it all.

In the last year I’ve become quite adept at how to play, download skins and worlds. I’m still trying to figure out Add ons. We mostly use our Pocket edition (IPAD) more than Java and Bedrock. Matthew and I are still learning all about that. I’ve found some really awesome worlds to use as we learn, but since our IESP meeting (you can check out what happened/ how to homeschool children that are special needs and IEPs by clicking the words for those posts) it was suggested that we use Minecraft to get him reading and writing. Well I’ve certainly added that to our list, haven’t we?

Anyway while down in the rabbit hole of Minecraft: Education Edition, I’ve come across these great lesson plans based on ages, and subjects. It’s all free access right now with school closures so take advantage.

Some Worlds.

And building challenges.

But I’ve also learned how to download Minecraft worlds and skins from this Mod App as well that we like to use. I can’t wait to show you much more that I’ve got planned for Matt, especially considering we started up one of my favorite book series again and I have both a World (actually 2) and skins from the book.

Parents you can learn here.

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