2nd Grade Science

Here is out printable science list to make your own curriculum. Again this is just suggestive for age appropriate.


Identify properties of an object

Compare properties of objects

Compare properties of materials

Identify materials in objects

Identify multiple materials in objects

States of matter

Classify matter as solid or liquid

Identify solids and liquids

Classify matter as solid, liquid, or gas

Identify solids, liquids, and gases

Sort solids, liquids, and gases

Changes of state

Change-of-state diagrams: solid and liquid

Change-of-state diagrams: liquid and gas

Change-of-state diagrams: solid, liquid, and gas

Heating, cooling, and changes of state: melting and freezing

Heating, cooling, and changes of state: vaporizing and condensing


Predict heat flow

Physical and chemical change

Identify physical and chemical changes


Identify mixtures

Force and motion

Identify pushes and pulls

How do mass and force affect motion?

Compare the speeds of moving objects


Identify magnets that attract or repel

Label magnets that attract or repel


Identify living and nonliving things

Identify plants and animals

Identify mammals, birds, fish, reptiles, and amphibians

Identify animals with and without backbones


life cycle diagrams



Body parts and their functions


Classify fruits and vegetables as plant parts

Identify plant parts and their functions

Read and construct flowering plant life cycle diagrams

How do flowering plants make new plants?


Observe traits

Observe and compare traits

Introduction to adaptations

Rocks and minerals

Classify rocks and minerals by color and shape


Read a thermometer

Compare temperatures on thermometers

Earth’s features




Earth events

Classify changes to Earth’s surface

Find evidence of changes to Earth’s surface

Changes to Earth’s surface: earthquakes

Changes to Earth’s surface: volcanic eruptions

Changes to Earth’s surface: erosion

Units and measurement

Choose units of time

Choose customary units of distance

Choose metric units of distance

Abbreviate time and length units

Abbreviate mass and volume units