11th Grade End of the Year Goals

11th Grade End of the Year Goals

Welcome 11th grade parents and students, this list below is of the goals to aim for the year. I’m also providing free printable version.


– Daily reading

– Log and track progress

Language Arts

– Understanding tone

– • Comparing and contrasting ideas presented in two passages

– • Understanding the use of examples

– • Recognizing the purpose of various writing strategies

– • Applying ideas presented in a reading passage

– • Determining an author’s purpose or perspective

– • Making connections between information in different parts of a passage

– • Distinguishing conflicting viewpoints

– • Being thorough; evaluating all possible answers before selecting an answer

– • Understanding difficult vocabulary

– • Understanding how negative words affect sentences

– • Understanding complex sentences

– • Recognizing connections between ideas in a sentence

– • Recognizing words that signal contrasting ideas in a sentence

– • Recognizing a definition when it is used in a sentence

– • Understanding sentences that deal with abstract ideas

– • Understanding and using words in an unusual context

– • Understanding ideas that deal with scientific ideas

– Writing

– • Being precise and clear

– • Following conventions in writing

– • Recognizing logical connections within sentences and passages

– • Understanding the structure of sentences with unfamiliar vocabulary

– • Understanding the structure of long sentences

– • Understanding the structure of sentences with abstract ideas

– • Understanding the structure of sentences that relate to science and math

– • Understanding the structure of sentences that relate to the arts

– ELA Regents

– • Paraphrasing

– • Summarizing

– • Using signal phrases to integrate paraphrase, summaries, and direct quotes

– • Reading info graphic texts

– • Essay frameworks for Session I, Part B

– • Establishing, articulating, and supporting a controlling idea

– • Analyzing the writer’s use of literary elements and techniques to develop theme

– • Linking texts, establishing thematic connections

– • Composing the Critical Lens introductory paragraph

– • Creating a Regents Review chart

– • Completing the writing process

– • Composing well-structured body paragraphs

– • Familiarizing students with the ELA Regents Essay rubrics


– Pre calculus

Social Studies

– British Literature

– American history


– Physics


– Dance, Music, Arts

– Drawing and Coloring

– Connect the dots

– Hands on Crafts


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