1st Grade End of the Year Goals

Here is a list of the things your child should know by the end of 1st grade. Every child is different so don’t stress too much about getting it or not. Each year forward they go in more depth. I will tag specific activity by ages and grades so check back for that. Here is also a printable version for your binder.


– Daily reading

– Log and track progress

Language Arts

– Sentence structure

– Syllables

– Long and Short vowels

– Blending sounds and constant blends

– Phonics

– Word endings

– Common, proper and possessive nouns

– Singular and plural nouns

– Pronouns

– Past, present and future verbs

– Adjectives

– Opinion writing pieces

– Narrative writing pieces

– Writing using having research skills through a dictionary or thesaurus

– Writing use a word processor

– Spelling and vocabulary


– Beginning addition

– Beginning subtraction

– Basic additions and subtraction using word problems

– Basic algebra (10 + X = 14)

– Count by 2s, 5s and 10s

– Greater, less than and equal to

– Place values

– Addition of two digit numbers

– Subtraction of two digit numbers

– The metric system

– Telling time

Social Studies

– Rights and Responsibilities of citizenship

– Places and people in different times

– Every day life in different times and places

– U.S Symbols, icons, and traditions

– Background of American citizens

– Basic economic concept

– My state


– Materials can be solid, liquid or gas

– Material can change when mix

– Plants and animals inhabit different environments

– Food chain ecosystems

– How things work

– Investigations and experiments


– Dance, Music, Arts

– Drawing and Coloring

– Connect the dots

– Hands on Crafts