3rd Grade End of the Year Goals

Here is the objectives your child should know by the end of third grade, remember that this is just a guide to help you. This is the printable version for your binder.


– Daily reading

– Log and track progress

Language Arts

– Can read long vowel words

– I can read multi- syllable words

– I con read words with common prefixes and suffixes

– I can read and write all my sight words

– I can read with fluency

– I can ask and answer questions about a text

– I can identify the main idea of a nonfiction text

– I can compare compare and contrast toe non fiction texts

– I can retell stories

– I can understand the characters setting and plot in a story

– I can write an opinion piece

– I can write a detailed narrative

– I can write using correct capital, punctuation and spelling

– I can use prefixes to determine the meaning of new words

– I can use a dictionary to determine the meaning of a word


– I can interpret products by whole numbers

– I can interpret quotients of whole numbers

– I can use x and / within 100 to solve word problems equal groups

– I can determine the unknown number in a x or / equation

– I can apply properties of operation are strategies to multiply and divide

– I can understand division an unknown = factor problem

– I can fluently multiply and divide with 100 and know from memory

– I can solve 2

Social Studies

– I can identify hemispheres, poles and the equator on a globe

– I can identify the countries, major rivers and mountain ranges in North America

– I can recognize that natural regions are represented on maps by showing physical dentures, climate, vegetation, and natural resources

– I can understand the importance of geographic features to communities

– I can understand how governments provide security, establish order and manage conflict

– I know hoe public officials are chosen and how laws are made

– I identify the difference between local, state and national government and identify key leaders for mayor, governor, president etc

– I can explain how individual actions and characteristics of historical figures made a difference in the lives of others

– I explore history of their community and state

– I practice reading, writing, research and artistic skills in a thematic unit that incorporates social studies


– Classification of animals – vertebrates and invertebrates

– The human body – skeletal, muscular and nervous systems

– Light and vision

– Astronomy and space

– Forces and motion


– Dance, Music, Arts

– Drawing and Coloring

– Connect the dots

– Hands on Crafts