American History

American History

Traditionally, American History is taken in 11th Grade with Government and Economics for 12th Grade. I’ve add the printable to make your life easier with planning.

Worlds Collide (1491 – 1607)

Think like a historian Before contact
old and new worlds collide Spanish Colonization

Colonial America (1607 – 1754)

early colonization projects Chesapeake and Southern colonies Colonial North America

The road to revolution (1754- 1800)

the american revolution creating a nation

The Early republic (1800 – 1848)

Politics and society in the early nineteenth century the age of jackson
culture and reform in the early nineteenth century

The Civil war era (1844 – 1877)

Sectional tension in the 1850s the civil war

The gilded age (1865 – 1898)

The Gilded Age
South after the Civil War The American West

Rise to world power (1890 – 1945)

the age of empire
the united states in World war I

1920s America
the great depression World War II

The postwar era (1945 – 1980)

the postwar era, 1945-1950 1950s America
The civil rights movement 1960s America

1970s America

The Modern Era (1980 – present)

190s America
1990s America
The United States after 2000

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