World History II

World History II is the second part of World History, which was started in 9th grade. Now in 10th students are working on being more current. Here is the printable to help you plan.

The Long Nineteenth Century (1750 to 1914 CE)

Liberal and National Revolutions Industrialization
Transformation of Labor American Revolution

French Revolution
Napoleon Bonaparte
France’s many Revolutions and republics Haitian Revolution
Latin American Independence

The Great Convergence and Divergence (1880 CE to the Future)

Beginning of World War 1
Other Fronts of World War I
Western and Eastern fronts of World War I Blockades and American entry
World War I shapes the Middle East Aftermath of Hitler and the Nazis
Rise of Mussolini and Fascism
Overview of Chinese History 1911-1949 Interwar
World War II
End of Empries and Cold War
Global Interactions and Institutions
9/11 and the Iraqi and Afghanistan War Human Rights