Chicken and Broccoli Pizza

Chicken and Broccoli Pizza

Originally Posted March 3rd, 2019 and Updated February 10th, 2021.

Growing up I spent majority of my time in New York City. Honestly I wasn’t the biggest pizza fan (nor is Matthew) but we do have a few favorite places we used to go to (unfortunately most closed). After we moved upstate, well there aren’t that many options here. Don’t get us wrong, our newest local place isn’t bad but still not the same taste.

For me, Chef Alex, there was one spot, we called it the whole in the wall (although I think the name is Franscesco’s Pizza), that I would visit on the Upper West Side (Close to Lincoln Center) because I went to York Prep for school. Yes the same York Prep seen in a few movies and tv shows like ELF and Gossip Girl. Anyway, they always had the best looking pizza. Despite not being a fan, Chicken and Broccoli was one of my favorites.

Later on I kept getting it but closer to home. We would get pizza every Sunday and Halloween, and stuck with chicken and broccoli. Funny enough I introduced it to a few non New Yorkers and they loved it. So now that we moved we make it ourselves. Its delicious and a healthier spin.

I'm the mom to Matthew, which we run and own Matthew's Kitchen. I'm 27 and studying to be a pastry chef. I love to cook and bake but my passion is in the pastry arts. Matthew is a 5 year old who began cooking when he was 1. Through the years he has not only gained valuable skills but has grown his palette. Together we want to share our passion for food with you and your family
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