25 + Cake Pops

Cake Pops have been on the trend a lot lately. A lot of bakeries and Starbucks have them. There are a few ways to make them but I am going to be upfront with you. As a chef, I hate making them despite how cute they are. I fail miserably. They do not come out right. I do however make delicious cake balls, which is the undecorated version. So don’t feel bad if it goes wrong. They are fun to look at. Check out this fun list.

Christmas Cookie Ball Pops – Momsdish

“I love making cake pops, both kids and adults enjoy them. However, one of the biggest challenges I have, when making cake pops, is finding all of those special cake ingredients.” – Natayla

Easter eggs Cake Pops – Vibrant Guide

“These delicious Easter Cake pops are so adorable, and the absolute perfect recipe to celebrate your Easter! With a sweet vanilla base, and a chocolatey shell, these eggs are not only delicious, but absolutely beautiful!” – Anna

Red White and Blue Cake Pops – Vibrant Guide

“These festive cake pops are not only delicious, but so festive, cute, and perfect for the 4th of July! Everyone will love these vanilla and white chocolate cake pops bursting with fun, patriotic colors!” – Anna

CAKE BALLS RECIPE – Dinner at the Zoo

A recipe for cake balls that uses cake mix, frosting and candy melts to create fun and festive bites. Cake balls are perfect for gift giving and they’re easy to turn into cake pops!” – Jacque

CAKE TRUFFLES RECIPE – Dinner at the Zoo

These cake truffles are made with cake crumbs, frosting and candy melts, then decorated with sprinkles. You can customize cake truffles to make them whatever flavor you like and decorate them for any holiday!“- Jacque

Gingerbread Cake Pops: A Sweet Holiday Treat – Finding Zest

“Gingerbread cookies are the epitome of the holiday season. Their smiles, white frosting trimming, and overall jolliness are what Christmas-time is all about. This year, I wanted to kick it up a notch and do something a little different. I have always been a fan of gingerbread cake. There’s something about the mix of spices and molasses that gives it a unique flavor profile. This is why I decided to make a batch of Gingerbread Cake Pops.” – Emilie


“These chocolate cake pops are easy to make and are so fun to eat! They can be decorated with any type of sprinkles for a fun and festive dessert!” – Lisa

Easter Cake Pops & White House Easter Party – This Vivacious Life

“I’m sharing my recipe for Easter cake pops that are shaped like eggs and sit on edible pretzel and peanut butter nests. I’ve also rounded up some other darling Spring pops for you!” – Chandice

Halloween cake pops – Emily Leary

“These spookily cute Halloween cake pops are so fun and so easy to make! Best of all, there’s no need to bake with this recipe as it all starts with a store bought chocolate cake. ” – Emily

Free standing chocolate kitty cake pops with legs and tails – Emily Leary

“Do you like my kitty cake pops? I think they are so cute, and the perfect size for little hands!” – Emily

CAKESICLES – Keep Calm and Eat Ice Cream

“These cakesicles are a cute and fun treat and are surprisingly easy to make. Perfect for birthdays or change them up to suite your special occasion.” – Sarah


“These cake pops are healthy, easy, no-bake and taste amazing! In the mood for a Starbucks cake pop? Make your own better version!” – Aubrey


“These Halloween Cake Popsicles, aka Halloween cakesicles are a combination of a cake pop and a popsicle! Need cakesicle filling ideas and cakesicle flavors to make a scary mummy, pumpkin, Frankenstein, ghoul or goblin? I got you!” – Aubrey

Strawberry Cake Pops – Tao of Spice

“These made from scratch strawberry cake pops are ideal for Valentine’s Day, baby showers, Easter, and more. They are super moist, perfectly sweet, and bursting with strawberry flavor. ” – Jessica

Minecraft Cake Pops – Eating on a Dime

“These the Minecraft cake pops are so easy to make and the perfect addition to any Minecraft birthday party! This easy recipe makes enough that you can even save some in the freezer for later!” – Chanea

Football Cookie Pops – Eating on a Dime

“I have a really cute recipe to share today. If you loved Football Shaped Chocolate Peanut Butter Balls,  you will love these football pops. They are just as delicious but made from nutter butter cookies. They are perfect for the big game day or even sports themed birthday parties. Any football fan will love these!” – Kathy

Red Velvet & White Chocolate Cake Pops – In the Kitch

“Red velvet cakes are noted and loved for their moist texture and eye-catching color. The creamy icing on top creates a taste and texture like no other. Made with buttermilk, vinegar and a bit of cocoa powder, this cake’s flavor hovers somewhere between vanilla and chocolate, but fully in the tasty category.” – Joss

HULK CAKE POPS – Artsy Fartsy Mama

“My daughter’s favorite Avengers character is The Hulk. I’m not quite sure if it’s because he’s green and towers over his fellow superheroes, or if it’s just because he likes to smash everything to bits. Either way, I must agree that he is pretty awesome. In anticipation of MARVEL’s The Avengers: Age of Ultron coming to theaters on May 1st, we made some Hulk Cake Pops together for a girl’s night!!” – Lindsay


“These chocolate cake pops are made with a really moist chocolate cake and rich chocolate frosting. Taper them to any occasion by sprinkling festive sprinkles overtop!” – Whitney

OREO CAKE POPS – Salt and Baker

“These Oreo Cake Pops are a super easy no-bake dessert! Deliciously chocolatey these effortless treats are made with only 3 ingredients which makes them the perfect quick dessert for any party of event! Pulverized Oreos are mixed with tangy cream cheese, coated in melted chocolate, and drizzled with semi-sweet chocolate. These little pops are oh-so-elegant, taste just like a chocolate covered Oreo cheesecake, and is a treat that everyone is sure to love!” – Whitney

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