60 + Halloween Recipes

It is #Tuesdaytips and we are bringing you Halloween early. Matthew and I have a special love for the spooky season (well from October to January for all the holidays). What we love about celebrating holidays is that we create memories, new traditions and try new things. That includes new foods. It is not only fun but creates a bond for us. It is also educational. I know you are all thinking but its mostly candy right? Some yes. The candy process is all about chemistry, but there is a lot of creativeness and you can work on new ways of creating fun halloween dishes with a healthy dose.

It is also a great time to talk about nutrition. How to balance the snack and desserts with eating balanced meals is so important so we provided a huge list of fun recipes that are a mix of healthy and not. We hope you enjoy them.


Frankenstein Apple Cider Halloween Donuts – XOXO Bella

“I love these Frankenstein apple cider Halloween donuts. They’re impossibly cute and Halloween donut decorating is fun! Baked apple cider donuts boast plenty of fantastic fall flavour in every bite. Everyone will ADORE this spooky baked Halloween donut that looks like a Frankenstein monster.” – Bella

Colourful Halloween Pancakes – XOXO Bella

“There is absolutely no doubt in my mind that these colourful Halloween pancakes are one of the BEST Halloween recipes for kids! Just look at this fun Halloween party food – it’s one of the cutest spooky breakfast ideas I’ve seen. So when you find out how to make colourful pancakes, you can go ahead and make them for your family! Happy Halloween!” – Bella

Appetizers and Snacks

Spooky Frankenstein Monster Guacamole – On My Kids Plate

“This Frankenstein Guacamole platter is perfect for a party or for snacking. Impress your guests, kids and adults with this fun, monster shaped guacamole platter perfect for Halloween!” – Kristy

5 Minute Spider Snack For Kids – On My Kids Plate

“Looking for a spooky snack for Halloween or just to be a little creepy crawly? This idea is kind of like the classic peanut butter and celery snack “Ants On A Log” with a silly twist. This is a great Halloween snack for a party, but is also fun to surprise the kids with a treat after school or in their lunchbox.” – Kristy


“You NEED to try this Halloween spiderweb taco dip as soon as possible! It’s a fun, festive, and delicious snack perfect for celebrating the spooky season. Filled with 7 layers of Mexican-inspired ingredients, it’s a hearty dip that’s sure to be a real crowd pleaser!” – Alana


“Celebrate Halloween in style with this spooky snack board! Filled with tasty snacks and all your favorite orange and “black” foods, it’s a fun and festive treat for a crowd.” – Alana


“Don’t just add horns to your Halloween deviled eggs, add little red bell pepper wings to really give these precious appetizers some devilish character! They’re so easy to make and will be the fiendishly cutest appetizers at your Halloween party!” – Genevieve

Frankenstein‏ Halloween Craft and Snack For KidsOttawa Mommy Club

“Halloween is a fun time for kids, they get to dress up in costumes and go door to door collecting treats. To kick off the season check out this Frankenstein Halloween craft and healthy snack for kids.” – Lyne

3 Easy Halloween Snacks – Fun Recipes For KidsOttawa Mommy Club

“For many children, Halloween is a favourite holiday because it provides the opportunity to play dress-up and to get a lot of free candy. Halloween is a fun holiday not just for the kids who get to go trick-or-treating, but is also a great holiday for the entire family to celebrate together! These 3 easy Halloween snacks for kids are sure to be a big hit! It does not matter whether you are young or old, everyone is bound to love these Halloween treat recipes: Zoombie Boogers PopcornSpider Cupcakes, and Halloween Trail Mix with Candy Corn!” – Lyne

Healthy Halloween Snacks – House of Nash

These easy and fun Healthy Halloween Snacks are a perfect treat without the guilt! Franken-kiwis, Boo-nanas, Mandarin Pumpkins, Killer Strawberries, and Pretzel Brooms make a fun and festive platter that will be a hit for your kids or at a party!” – Amy

Creamy Pumpkin Cauliflower Alfredo (aka the smashed spider) – The Forked Spoon

“Both kids and grown ups will go bonkers for this FUN (and sneakily healthy) version of Pumpkin Cauliflower Alfredo. Appropriately named The Smashed Spider, this pasta is all about healthy veggies and power packed super foods.” – Jessica


“Spider Sandwiches are a fun treat that my kids absolutely love any time of the year! With cute little PB&J spiders like these, it’s easy to get over that fear and enjoy a moment of yum.” – Nicole


Chocolate Ghost Pears  are dipped in dark and white chocolate for a healthier Halloween treat that kids will love! A great alternative to a toffee apple for bonfire night too!” Camilla

Halloween Fruit Kabobs3 Boys and a Dog

“These easy Halloween Fruit Kabobs are a wonderful healthy Halloween treat that the kids can make all by themselves!” – Kelli

Halloween Spider Deviled Eggs – My Productive Backyard

“What is more fun than spiders for Halloween? And what is more delicious than deviled eggs any time? Olives and capers as the spider is an edible, delicious addition to any-day deviled eggs. If you are Keto or Low Carb or serving guests who are, these Halloween Spider Deviled Eggs will be a hit for Halloween!” – Cindy

EASY HALLOWEEN MUMMY TREAT – Everyday Family Cooking

A simple and fun Mummy-themed Halloween treat for toddlers that uses only 3 ingredients!” – Samantha

FUN AND EASY BREADSTICK BONES – Retro Housewife Goes Green

Breadstick bones are a fun appetizer for a Halloween party or dog-themed party. They are also great for family movie night while watching Frankenweenie.” – Lisa

Halloween Monster Apples – The Denver Housewife

“Halloween Monster Apples are the perfect healthy Halloween snack for kids and toddlers. With just a few ingredients this snack is easy to make and fun to enjoy. These peanut butter free monster apples are made with Nutella or Strawberry Jam.” – Jamie


MINI GHOST PIZZAS – Crayons & Cravings

Mini Ghost Pizzas are a quick and easy Halloween dinner idea that the kids will love!” – Jaclyn


“We just love Halloween in our house and my son may have got to old to enjoy it but my daughter loves getting dressed up each year and being a creative arty type she really gets into the whole makeover part of it! I don’t dress up (well maybe just a witches hat for when we go trick or treating) but I do go to town dressing up our front bay window like an Aladdin’s cave of Halloween decorations. I seem to have bought up every Halloween item you could think of over the years. I was like a magpie in the sales so have had to put a stop to my buying!” – Camilla

Jack O Lantern Quesadillas – When is Dinner?

These fun and festive Jack O Lantern Quesadillas are a cinch to make, and require just 3 basic ingredients to make!” – Karen

Eyeball Halloween Spaghetti – Budget Delicious

Get into the Halloween spirit and serve up this spine-chilling eyeball pasta. This easy 5-ingredient meal will take center stage on your Halloween table, and since much of it can be prepped in advance it’s the perfect party fare!”- Bintu

Spider Halloween Pizza with Black Charcoal Crust – XOXO Bella

“At first glance, charcoal pizza dough looks like you forgot about it in an overeager oven! But this spider Halloween pizza with black charcoal crust isn’t burned. Instead, this pizza with black olive spiders uses charcoal powder for the colouring. If you are looking for Halloween pizza ideas or something for your Halloween dinner menu for adults and kids, you need to give this a try!” – Bella

MUMMY HOT DOGS – Butter Your Biscuit

“These mummy hot dogs are so fun and festive, how dogs wrapped with crescent roll strips are baked to perfection. Serve with a fun spider web dipping sauce” – Wendie


Witches Cauldron Easy Halloween Cake Pops – Made in a Pinch

Cauldron-themed Halloween cake pops are unbelievably easy to make (and decorate!). They will be the hit of the school Halloween party or any festive gathering you use to celebrate the holiday!” – Heather and Lisa

Breakable Halloween Mummy Candy Bombs – Made in a Pinch

Take the cocoa bomb craze to a new level by making breakable Halloween Mummy Candy Bombs! They’re adorable, delicious, and FUN. Kids will love breaking them open to find the surprise inside! Halloween will never be the same!” – Heather and Lisa

Halloween Cookies-Decorating Ideas – Christina Cucina

Halloween cookies are a great project to help kids (and adults) get excited about the last day of October festivities. Here are a few spooky and sweet cookie decorating ideas!” – Christina

Candy Corn Cookies – Budget Delicious

“If you love chocolate, these Candy Corn Cookies are triple chocolate heaven! These easy-to-make cookies are the perfect fall or Halloween treat.” – Bintu

Halloween Cakesickles – Keep Calm and Eat Ice Cream

“These Halloween cakesicles are a super fun and cute Halloween treat! Perfect for a spooktacular party or as wonderful home made trick or treat candy.” – Sarah

Mini Pumpkin Pies – Fluxing Well

“One of the things I love about teaching is getting great ideas from other teachers. One awesome kindergarten teacher I worked with shared this amazingly easy recipe for mini pumpkin pies for kids to make at parties. This simple mini pumpkin pie recipe also has another added benefit. It keeps kids busy during a party! If you have ever organized a party for kids, you know that keeping them busy and engaged in productive ways is HUGE. For this recipe, you only need a few ingredients, and kids will easily be able to make their own. These mini pumpkin pies don’t even need to be baked. This would also be a great family activity for the Thanksgiving dinner table. Ready for this super fun recipe for mini pumpkin pies? Here you go! – Lisa

Halloween Puppy Chow – Budget Delicious

“This Halloween Puppy Chow combines colorful Halloween candy with crunchy Chex cereal, chocolate chips, and peanut butter into a festive and flavorful treat the whole family will love!” – Bintu

Trick Or Treat Candy Overload Halloween Brownies – On My Kids Plate

“Looking for perfect fudgy Halloween brownies recipes to share with family and friends? These delicious brownies are stuffed full of gooey Trick or Treat candy and a spooky cream cheese swirl all on top of a super chocolaty brownie. These decadent brownies are made for sharing!” – Kristy

Spooky Graveyard Dirt Cups – On my Kids Plate

“These spooky graveyard dirt cups are so fun! Filled with creamy chocolate pudding and cool whip, then topped with crushed Oreos these dirt cake cup desserts are easy to make. Then add lots of spooky Halloween style headstones, ghosts, bones and gummy worms to make the ultimate fun dirt pudding Halloween dessert.” – Kristy


“Looking for some easy Halloween desserts? These simple yet adorable ghost mini muffins are sure to be the spooky hit of your Halloween party or get-together!” – Jane and Sonja

Halloween Monster Marshmallows – Finding Zest

“Growing up, Halloween was never one of my mom’s favorite holidays. We dressed up of course, but she typically saved homemade treats for Christmas. Now that I have my own kids, I’ve found Halloween is one of my favorite holidays to make fun snacks with my kids. There are so many silly and spooky possibilities like these Halloween Monster Marshmallows I created with Wesley last week.  With just a few simple ingredients, you can make something that is sure to put a smile on any kids face.” – Emilie


“Halloween popcorn balls are the easy festive holiday treat that all ages will love.  This recipe shares two Halloween marshmallow popcorn ball ideas; both a green monster popcorn ball and an orange popcorn ball design. Both are sticky with gooey melted marshmallows and packed with M&M candies and other Halloween candies and sprinkles.  These two colored and decorated popcorn balls are so cute and scary; perfect for your next Halloween party. “- Angela

Hocus Pocus Marshmallow Pops – House of Nash

These Hocus Pocus Marshmallow Pops are such a fun and easy treat for brewing up some Halloween fun! Colored candy melts, large marshmallows, and edible glitter are all you need to make this dessert that’s more sweet than spooky.” – Amy

Witches’ Digits (or Witches’ Fingers) Scary Halloween Cookies – Christina Cucina

Witches’ Digits are truly scary Halloween cookies that look terrible, but taste really good! Give them a try this Halloween and see how many people are brave enough to take a bite!” – Christina

Boo-Ringues – Served From Scratch

“BOO-Ringues!  Light, airy, slightly sweet puffed Halloween treats that are fun and easy for kids to make!”- Tracy


Hocus Pocus Cookies that will make the Sanderson sisters so proud they won’t need to put a spell on you. Decorate each cookie like a character from the book or movie. Then, check out how we make our hocus pocus cookie jar from a cauldron.”


These Vegan Mummy Cupcakes will be a hit at your spooky Halloween bash. They are fun to make, kid-friendly and completely adorable! The mummy wrapping is piped on with vegan buttercream and the eyes are dotted with chocolate chips. It’s so easy!” – Melissa


Easy Halloween Ghost Cupcakes are delicious, chocolate flavoured cupcakes with a hint of coffee, topped with chocolate spread and a white chocolate ghost topper. Easy enough for kids to make with a little adult help.” – Camilla

Red velvet Halloween cupcakes – A Mummy Too

“These red velvet Halloween cupcakes boast a flavourful, tender sponge, a smooth and delicious cream cheese frosting and a gorily good blood red syrup.” – Emily

Spooky Halloween Popcorn Balls – Owl Baking

“These popcorn balls are the perfect snack idea for a Halloween party or movie night! Fresh popcorn is tossed with a soft, vanilla caramel and wrapped in spooky marshmallow spider webs and chocolate spiders! You can also turn use candy eyes to make mummy popcorn balls. A great Halloween idea for kids and so fun to make and eat!” – Liz

Halloween Marshmallow Witches Recipe – Ottawa Mommy Club

“Halloween is a fun occasion that is celebrated around the world which may be done a bit differently than what we know Halloween to be. What they all have in common is a celebration that includes many different treats and food. Over the years witches have become a big part of the celebration so make it a fun occasion with this Halloween Witches recipe.” – Lyne

Chocolate Peanut Butter Cup Monster Cookies – House of Nash

These Chocolate Peanut Butter Cup Monster Cookies are chewy and soft and oh-so-fun for an easy Halloween cookie that doesn’t require much decorating skill to look adorable and creepy at the same time! They are perfect for anybody who loves the classic combo of peanut butter and chocolate!” – Amy


These Halloween Frankenstein Rice Krispie Treats are easy to make and so fun to eat! They are perfect for a party, a school treat, or just a fun family dessert.” – Emily


“These Halloween Candy Cookies are a perfect way to use up all that leftover Halloween candy. They take less than 30 minutes and are easy and super customize-able. The cookie base is gooey and soft and each bite is loaded with meltey Halloween candy!” – Gabby

Monster Cupcakes – Beyond the Chicken Coop

Colorful and fun monster cupcakes are perfect for a Halloween party or a birthday party! Anyone who loves monsters will fall in love with these adorable cupcakes” – Kathy

Halloween Chocolate Apples – Fab Food 4 All

Halloween Chocolate Apples are dipped in dark or white chocolate and then decorated with a spider web design. Great fun for kids and adults to make and utterly delicious. Impress your friends at your Halloween or bonfire night party!” – Camilla

Halloween Popcorn Balls Recipe – Confessions of Parenting

There’s no more classic pair than popcorn balls and Halloween.Halloween Popcorn Balls are so much fun to make and will get everyone in the spooky fall spirit! ” – Michele

Easy Halloween Push Pops – Cookie Dough and Oven Mitt

“These easy Halloween push pops went over so well with Lucian. He has a cute little black face and fingers but I made him one happy little boy with these. He has yet to try those Flintstones push pops, but I bet he would love those too. Wait, do they even still make those? I remember eating them as a little girl. I know he doesn’t know who the Flintstones are. We occasionally throw on the Boomerang channel to see what he says, but he’s never impressed.” – Miranda

MUMMY COOKIES – Cooked by Julie

These soft, sweet mummy cookies are the perfect spooky treat for your Halloween party. Simple but tender shortbread Halloween cookies are coated and drizzled with pure white candy melts for a perfectly sweet Halloween goodie.” – Julie

DIY Halloween Monster Cake – Confessions of Parenting

“This Monster Cake is the cutest way to decorate a cake for this Halloween! This DIY monster cake recipe is so easy you won’t believe how great it turns out. ” – Michele

Halloween Bark – Cookie Dough and Oven Mitt

“Today I made for the first time halloween bark. My husband said, “what did you call it?” I repeated myself and then I received a blank stare in return. He didn’t understand the concept at all. It’s okay though, because I got the same blank stare from my mom. I gave up on the explanation of it and decided to go the just eat it route. It worked.” – Miranda

Easy Mummy Halloween Pies Recipe – Bake Me Some Sugar

Mummy Halloween Pies are a 4 ingredient kid-friendly dessert that is perfect for Halloween. Pie crust that is filled with sweet pie filling and dressed to look like a friendly mummy. These hand pies are a must make.” – Kelsey

Candy Corn Rice Krispie Treats – Saving Dollars & Sense

“If you are looking for a fun fall treat this year then you should definitely try out these Candy Corn Rice Krispie Treats! Everyone loves the original rice krispie treats, these are so much more fun and festive too!” – Kristie


“Halloween is just around the corner, and whether you’re preparing for a party or just want a fun activity for the kids, making your own Marshmallow Popcorn Balls are the way to go!  These Mallow Balls are gooey, salty, sweet and crunchy… can any other treat top that?  Think of Popcorn Balls as spruced-up rice krispies treats, just without Snap and Crackle.  They’re no-bake, totally customizable, and are a blast to make!” – Trisha and Charlotte


“White chocolate dipped strawberries make perfect Halloween ghosts that look amazingly cute (and appropriately spooky) for a seasonal appetizer.” – Trisha and Charlotte

Halloween Puppy Chow Recipe – 3 Boys and a Dog

“This Halloween Puppy Chow Recipe is perfect for Halloween parties and is a fun Halloween snack mix. If you’re looking for an alternative to Halloween candy, why not make up this simple muddy buddy recipe? Check out my other easy puppy chow recipes as well!” – Kelli

Halloween Chocolate Cupcakes With Bones – Little Sunny Kitchen

Spooky Halloween Chocolate Cupcakes with bones made from white chocolate, and topped with funfetti…” – Diana

Bat Sugar Cookies – The Six Figure Dish

These Halloween themed bat sugar cookies are seriously spooky and perfect for the scariest time of the year.” – Danielle


This Halloween Party Popcorn is a delicious mix of popcorn, white chocolate, Oreo cookies, candy corn, and sprinkles… It’s easy to make and always a big crowd pleaser!” – Sues


“Hi friends! I am so pleased to be doing a guest blog post for Blair. We came up with an idea for doing a Halloween blog post to feature on our blogs. I hope you enjoy this simple and quick tutorial on Halloween Cake Cones!” – Blair

Halloween Scary and Gross Snack Mix – Loving Homeschool

“Holiday celebrations include decorations, games, music and of course food and the more fun the food is, the better! For Halloween, the more gross and scary the food is, the better! This Halloween Scary and Gross Snack Mix is definitely gross and fun!” – Cindy

Jack O’Lantern Rice Crispy Treats – Ann’s Entitled Life

“These adorable Jack O’Lantern rice crispy treats are an easy to make snack. They are great for the Halloween season without being too spooky for small children. Your little ghosts and goblins will devour these tasty, fun treats.” – Ann

Chocolate Swamp Monsters – Kidgredients

“Halloween. Well, it’s not really the done thing around here, but I really wanted to make something cute as I’ve had candy eyes in the cupboard taunting me for a year! I decided to try and make some chocolate swamp monsters…basically a cute and healthier version of chocolate spiders…with no nuts!” – Kylie

Easy Halloween Bats Candy Treats – Ann’s Entitled Life

“These spooky little bats are made with only 4-ingredients and wow do they taste great! Easy to make, these delicious candy bats are perfect for the lunchbox, afternoon snack, or a Halloween party. Your little ghosts and goblins will love these tasty Halloween treats.” – Ann

No-Bake Oreo Spider Cookies – Swirls of Flavor

No-Bake Oreo Spider Cookies are the perfect addition to your Halloween celebration this year! With their big googly eyes and creepy little legs, these Halloween cookies with be the hit of your ghoulish celebration. Kids will love gobbling up our Oreo Halloween treats!” – Gwynn

WITCH HAT COOKIES – Crayons and Cravings

“Witch Hat Cookies are a tasty and creative Halloween party treat made with homemade chocolate cookies, buttercream frosting, and Hershey Kisses.” – Jaclyn


Blood Bags Halloween Drink (Non-Alcoholic) + EASY Fake Blood Splatters – Finding Zest

Entertain guests at your Halloween party with these fun blood bags! This red Halloween Drink (non-alcoholic) is perfect for filling fake I.V. bags designed specifically for drinks. Learn where to find these bags plus tips for how to fill, clip and display the blood bags. I also share how to make the easiest edible fake blood splatters with just two ingredients. These blood bags make a great accessory to your vampire costume!” – Emilie


“Hosting a kids Halloween party? We got you covered for the punch! This is an easy, three-ingredient Halloween punch for kids. It’s a bright orange Halloween punch and garnished with slimy gummy frogs and gummy worms! You can also make an organic version!” – Eden

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