6th Grade ELA

Here is the 6th grade ELA. I’ve added the printable too. Please remember that it mostly repeats with more in depth through 12th grade. Take your time when studying.

Reading strategies

Main idea

Determine the main idea of a passage


Match the quotations with their themes

Determine the themes of short stories

Author’s purpose and tone

Which sentence is more formal?

Compare passages for tone

Identify author’s purpose

Text structure

Compare and contrast in informational texts

Match causes and effects in informational texts

Match problems with their solutions

Identify text structures

Literary devices

Identify sensory details

Identify the narrative point of view

Interpret the meaning of an allusion from its source

Interpret figures of speech

Classify figures of speech

Analyze the effects of figures of speech on meaning and tone

Analyzing literature

Analyze short stories

Vocabulary review: Analyze short stories

Label the rhyme scheme

Analyzing informational texts

Read and understand informational passages

Vocabulary review: Read and understand informational passages

Trace an argument

Vocabulary review: Trace an argument

Comparing texts

Compare information from two texts

Compare two texts with different genres

Visual elements

Compare illustrations of literary and historical subjects

Read graphic organizers

Writing strategies

Organizing writing

Order topics from broadest to narrowest

Organize information by main idea

Transitions with conjunctive adverbs

Developing and supporting arguments

Distinguish facts from opinions

Choose evidence to support a claim

Identify supporting details in informational texts

Identify supporting details in literary texts

Identify counterclaims

Classify logical fallacies

Creative techniques

Use personification

Create varied sentences based on models

Editing and revising

Use the correct frequently confused word

Correct errors with frequently confused words

Correct errors with signs

Correct errors in everyday use

Suggest appropriate revisions

Research skills (MLA)

Recognize the parts of a Works Cited entry

Use in-text citations 

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