8th Grade End of the Year Goal

This is the last year of middle school before the big leap to high school. Now you may or may not continue to homeschool but here is the printable for this year’s list.


– Daily reading

– Log and track progress

Language Arts

– Become comfortable expressing feelings and opinions in writing

– Compare/contrast or analyze through written essays

– Learn how to take effective notes

– Use notes to create in-depth written pieces

– Start reading and responding to speeches and more opinionated pieces of writing


– Continue learning geometry concepts

– Continue learning algebra, if it has not already been mastered

– Understand how to work with ratios, percentages, and proportions

– Continue to relate mathematics to the surrounding world and modern life

Social Studies

– Read and study the Constitution of the U.S.

– Discuss and understand political systems

– Understand history in chronological order

– Extensive studies into civics


– Dissect plant matter

– Understand concepts of energy

– Learn more about the functioning of the human body


– Dance, Music, Arts

– Drawing and Coloring

– Connect the dots

– Hands on Crafts


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