A Bug’s Life Movie Night

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It’s #movienightfriday and with spring upon us, we decided to have a bug filled lesson. We filled our week with science. First we explored our area to find what natural bugs we do have. We happen to have honey bees, dragon flies, spiders, snails, millipedes, butterflies, crickets and ladybugs, some of which are featured in this fun Pixar film.

Now we did happen to catch some bugs more than a few times but we love using insect lore to really watch what happens. We have gotten the butterfly, ant farm and ladybug kits, which are featured below.

We did observation journals to watch the bugs work. You can also check out these videos below.

We then made bug inspired crafts and snacks to add to our lesson.

We hope you have as much fun with this lesson as much as we did.


Paper Roll Butterfly Craft – Ottawa Mommy Club

Ottawa Mommy Club Butterfly Craft Mom Hand Garden 1 2 Photo

“Now that my little ones are old enough to start to reach out and explore the world around them, they have been in awe over how spring has sprung around our backyard and our neighbourhood. They love nature and are always wanting to reach out and touch everything they can. I was wondering what we could make together so they can have a piece of this wonder in their hands whenever they wanted to play with it. I then had the idea to put together these whimsical paper roll butterfly craft since they are fascinated with them.” – Lyne

Toilet Paper Roll Butterfly Craft for Kids – Two Kids and a Coupon

“Help your kids create cute and creative creations with this toilet paper roll butterfly craft for kids. Here’s how to make them!” – Kim


The Best Dirt Cups Recipe – Desserts on a Dime

Kids will go crazy over this easy dirt cups recipe. Layers of pudding and oreo cookies topped with gummy worms make an easy treat for kids. Learn how to make individual oreo dirt cup recipe for the best oreo recipe. #dessertonadime #dirtcupsrecipe #halloween #puddings #oreodirtcup

“Kids will go crazy over this easy dirt cups recipe. Layers of pudding and oreo cookies topped with gummy worms make a fun treat or dessert.” – Carrie


DIY butterfly clothes pin craft snack bag

“I don’t know about you, but having a portable snack available for the kids is a must for us. ” – Molly


These cute and colorful Rainbow Dragonfly Pretzels are a delightfully different summer kids dessert. An easy recipe requiring only a few simple ingredients.

These cute and colorful Rainbow Dragonfly Pretzels are a delightfully different summer kids recipe.” – Stacey and Jennifer

Strawberry Ladybugs  – The Soccer Mom Blog

These easy fruit ladybugs make eating fruit fun! A healthy snack or dessert for kids that they will love to eat!

How to make chocolate & strawberry ladybugs, a fun healthy snack that’s sure to get kids eating more fruit!” – Stacey

Ladybug Oreo Valentine Truffles – The Soccer Mom Blog

These adorable Ladybug Oreo Truffles are a sweet treat that's perfect for the love bug in your life!

These adorable Ladybug Valentine Truffles are a sweet treat that’s perfect for the love bug in your life! These easy Oreo truffles are fun to make with the kids…and even more fun to eat! The best part – there’s no baking required!” – Stacey


lion king bugs dessert recipe

“Disney’s “The Lion King” is in theaters now and we are headed out to see it again. This Bugs on a Log recipe is perfect for a birthday or movie night and they were inspired by two of my favorite Disney characters, Timon & Pumbaa.” – Jenn

5 Fruit Bug Snacks That Are Fun For A Party! – On My Kids Plate

Five fruit skewers decorated like ladybugs, caterpillars and other insects.

“Adorable fruit bug snacks are a fun and healthy snack for your next birthday party. Whether your kids loves insects, is having a Lion King birthday party, or you’re teaching a preschool lesson about bugs all five of these snack ideas are fun! Use one or all five of these ideas for kids including all kinds of cute ladybugs, beetles, caterpillars, butterflies and dragonflies!” – Kristy

5 Minute Spider Snack For Kids – On My Kids Plate

Three peanut Butter celery snack topped with raisins made to look like spiders

“Looking for a spooky snack for Halloween or just to be a little creepy crawly? This idea is kind of like the classic peanut butter and celery snack “Ants On A Log” with a silly twist. This is a great Halloween snack for a party, but is also fun to surprise the kids with a treat after school or in their lunchbox.” – Kristy

Easy Chocolate Dirt Pie Cups (With Variations!) – On My Kids Plate

Chocolate pudding layered with oreo crumbs and gummy worms in a clear cup from the side

“This super easy chocolate dirt pie recipe is made with Oreo Cookies, chocolate pudding and gummy worms in individual cups. Kids love this easy and super fun no-bake dessert!” – Kristy

Butterfly Cupcakes (British Butterfly Cakes) – Christina’s Cucina

Butterfly cupcake with confectioner's sugar sifting onto it

Butterfly cupcakes are a quintessential treat that was served at almost every child’s birthday party in the UK when I was growing up. Traditional British butterfly cakes are (apparently) sometimes called fairy cakes, but no matter the name, they are simply delightful.” – Christina

Peanut Butter Cup Spider Cookies – What a Girl Eats

Peanut Butter Cup Spider Cookies

“Peanut butter cup spider cookies are a fun, Halloween cookie. Adorable peanut butter cup spiders sit on top of soft, chewy peanut butter cookies topped with chocolate legs and candy eyes.” – Cynthia

Creamy Pumpkin Cauliflower Alfredo (aka the smashed spider) – The Forked Spoon

A plate of pumpkin cauliflower alfredo

“Both kids and grown ups will go bonkers for this FUN (and sneakily healthy) version of Pumpkin Cauliflower Alfredo. Appropriately named The Smashed Spider, this pasta is all about healthy veggies and power packed super foods.” – Jessica

DIRT BALLS – ihearteating

Dirt balls on a black plate.

“Dirt balls are easy marshmallow popcorn balls that are coated in Oreo cookie crumbs and are stuffed with gummy worms. These popcorn balls make a great Halloween treat!” – Kate

How to Make Beautiful Bee Cupcakes with Honey Cinnamon Frosting – Attachment Mummy

“Imagine your favourite vanilla cupcake infused with cinnamon and topped with a decadent, creamy frosting laced with honey.” – Leta


baked gluten apple crisp on two small white plates with skillet off to the side

Look no further for the perfect gluten free apple crisp recipe! This apple crisp is healthy, easy, and made from simple, real food ingredients. Warm apples, cinnamon, and a crisp oat topping…the ultimate fall food combo.” – Sara

Bug Party Fun! – Imaginative Homeschool

“Our bug themed party the year my son turned seven was, by far, my favorite party we’ve had with the kids ever.    Everything worked, yet it still felt simple.   Part of it was due, I know, to a bunch of parents who choose to stay, help where needed, and a group of kids that just got along so well.   But we had some neat games and activities I wanted to share with you all too. ” – Gale

How to Make Bug Cupcakes – Imaginative Homeschool

“I made the following cupcakes for a bug themed party and it was so fun.   The cupcakes themselves are just regular out of the box cake mix with store bought chocolate frosting, but below you can learn more about how I decorated them.” – Gale

Flower Dirt Sundae Cups Recipe – Ottawa Mommy Club

Flower Dirt Sundae Cups

“Are you looking for something interesting to serve at your child’s birthday party? Chances are you’ll remember these fun treats from your own childhood – or a similar version. These Flower Dirt Sundae Cups are not only fun to make and cute to look at, but always a hit at parties and bake sales. Best of all, they are so incredibly easy to make. Everyone will think you slaved in the kitchen making these cute treats.” – Lyne

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