Aladdin Minecraft Lesson

It is #MinecraftMonday and I am feeling the Disney love from our Tik tok @thedisneypixarconnection. Anyway, I showed off this world and lesson a bit in a video, but here is the full lesson for you all. While you can absolutely pair it with an Aladdin Movie Night, this dives more into the English Language Arts portion of subjects.

So if you didn’t read the movie night version. Aladdin takes places in the Middle East. Agrabah, while fictional, is based off real elements of the culture and geography there. We can not pin point the exact location but there are Easter eggs in the films.

While you can absolutely go off more on the geography of the Middle East but before I do, here are two videos to make you feel like you are on a magic carpet ride.

I wanted to show you how do add more ELA into your minecraft lessons. So the first thing is that we found two Aladdin Worlds we downloaded. The first one was just the castle and felt pretty empty but you can use it to challenge your children to build a replica. You are also able to be Aladdin and live in his point of view.

Then we downloaded this second world which was *chefs kiss* phenomenonal. We loved exploring. Then we acted out a few scenes as Aladdin, Genie, Abu and Jasmine (maybe a little Jafar too).

I then challenged Matthew what each character would do in different situations. e had a lot of fun with it and then we had a blast watching the films along side. We also did compare and contrast with the animated vs live action vs minecraft versions of agrabah.

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