Apple Hand Pies

So last weekend I took Matthew Apple Picking at a near by farm. We did a whole lesson on apples, how they grow and some other apple science which you can find on the Apple Picking post over on our homeschooling blog.

Fast forward to this morning, as I am making myself some breakfast, I was scrolling on Facebook when I saw a fellow mom asking about what to do with her apples. I had plans to do a bunch of different things with our apples and I completely forgot all of them as I didn’t write it down. I do remember wanting to do a variation on apple pie. So right after I ate, I grabbed a bunch of apples and began skinning and coring them. Matthew joined to cut them into pieces for our filling.

Once our filling was going, we made our pie dough to refrigerate. Took a short break to watch The Haunted Mansion then back at it.

Once all our dough was used and baked into our hand pies, I jarred the rest of the filling so we can use for maybe a pie, or maybe some crepes.

If you are looking for the dough press this is the one we use.

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