Art History

For the younger grades begin with colors, color concepts, exploring different types of materials, shading, shapes and techniques. You can theme it up by what your studying, what your reading or by season, For the older grades you can use the list below to study different types of art work. Art museums are a good place to go, Don’t worry if your child wants to do sculpture, photography, painting or any type of art and working with them. That is perfectly okay, 

Prehistoric Art

Paleolithic Art

Neolithic Art

Ancient Mediterranean 

Ancient Near East

Ancient Egypt


Ancient Greece



Ancient Rome


Medieval Europe + Byzantine

Judaism and Christianity in art

Early Christian 


Early Medieval 

Carolingian and Ottoman



Art of the Islamic World

Chronological periods

Europe 1300- 1800

Italy, 14th Century

Italy 15th Century

Italy, 16th Century

Northern Europe 15th Century

Northern Europe 16th Century

Spain 15th – 16th Century

Reformation and Counter reformation

Baroque 17th century

Rococo and Neoclassicism 18th Century

British art in the 18th century

Art of the Americas to World War I

North America before European Colonization

South America before European Colonization

Colonial Latin America

Native American art after 1600

British Colonies to the Early Republic

Art of the United States: 1800s

Latin America after Independence

Europe 1800- 1900

19th Century art


Early Photography

Victorian art and architecture

realism, impressionism and post impressionism

Symbolism & art nouveau

Russia: the wanderers

Modernism 1900-1980

20th century art

Fauvism and Expressionism

Cubism and early abstraction

Dada and Surrealism

German art between the wars

Latin America Modernism

America art to WWII

Post- war american art

Post- war European art

Conceptual and performance art

Post – Minimalism

Global Vanguards

Architecture and design

Global Cultures 1980 – now

concepts in art 1980- now

Art of Asia




South Asia

Southeast Asia

The Himalayans

Art of Africa

An intro to African art

East Africa and the Home of Africa

West Africa

Central Africa

North Africa

Southern Africa

Art of Oceania

People and places

Seeing America

About seeing America

Theme: National Identify

Theme: Work, Exchange, and Technology

Theme: Geography and the Environment

Theme: Migration and Settlement

Theme: Politics and Power

Theme: American and Regional Culture

Theme: Social Structures

Theme: America in the World

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