Avengers Minecraft Lesson

It’s #MinecraftMonday and this week we will be having fun with a whole slew of Avenger themed lessons this week. Now we did have a whole marathon back in January. We did a whole movie review on my other website AlexNeznamy.com and we did it in this chronological order.

Anyway, besides just watching the films, we had a movie night and came up with a fun Minecraft lesson to pair. First we checked the mods to see what skins were available. There are so many that you can pick on based on either the character or the film. Below are a few examples.

Then we looked to see what Avenger mods they had. We only found two. The first being Thanos’ Mansion.

The second being the Agent S.H.I.E.L.D air craft.

We explored the two mods before challenging to build other major Avenger buildings and locations. Below are just a select few that happen to be New York based.

There are so many locations to choose from. We used Movie Maps to help map it out based on the film and give us inspiration. Below is the map of all the film locations from Avengers the film.

After we built and found mods to help in our reconstruction, we used our character skins to replicate the plot of the films.

Let us know down below how you enjoyed the lesson.

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