Avengers Movie Night

It is Friday which means it is #MovieNightFriday. Since Wanda Vision has been released on Fridays and starting March 19th, 2021 Flacon and Winter Soldier will be posted on Disney +. Both series are part of the Marvel Cinematic Universe. Marvel was actually created by Martin Goodman in 1961 but Stan Lee and Jack Kirby created the characters and story line, beginning with the Fantastic Four. It have been 60 since the Comics first began and 13 years of Cinematic genius brought the comics to life. While it isn’t strictly educational, you can continue using the films, and even the comics as a resource in your ELA/ English course. Look learning is fun, should be fun and there are so many resources out there that you wouldn’t believe are used both in a classroom setting and in homeschooling.

So we while we are breaking down the Superheroes, their Plot, setting, motivation, we are also using it, well WandaVision, to show how Television looked differently in different decades. Which is always fun. I do suggest that before you watch WandaVision you watch all the Avenger films, or it just won’t make sense. Lucky enough for you I have the way it should be watched.

You can check out our reviews at alexneznamy.com as well as our fun theories related to Marvel and Disney.

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“Avengers Assemble! Have a Marvel fan in your house? Who doesn’t love superheroes?! I know we all do! Celebrate your inner superhero with these fun, EASY Marvel Avengers Printable Masks! These are a great DIY craft that is great for all ages! The FREE printable template features both Captain America and Iron Man — two of my personal favorite superheroes!! ” – Kami

Captain America mask – Simple Everyday Mom

“nside: Celebrate the Fourth of July (or every day) in style with this free printable Captain America mask for kids.” – Sam


“In anticipation of the new MARVEL’s The Avengers: Age of Ultron movie coming to theaters on May 1st, I decided to create a free printable Avengers bingo game for you to play!! My daughter loves The Avengers, and has been having so much fun playing this bingo and seeing all her favorite superheroes!!” – Lindsay


DIY Avengers Infinity Stone Lollipops – The Inspiration Edit

“Today the Avengers Infinity War movie comes out at the theatre and we are super excited. In fact we have a fantastic and fun tutorial for having fun in the kitchen with the kids.Why not get together and make your own Avengers Infinity War Suckers?” – Angela

4th of July Cupcakes – Cookie Dough and Oven Mitt

“These 4th of July cupcakes are perfect for any Independence Day cookout or celebration! They have a cute fondant decoration on top of them that are perfect for people that aren’t confident in their piping skills. The cupcakes are a homemade vanilla cupcake recipe that can easily be colored with gel food color too!” – Mianda

Thor Cupcakes – Cookie Dough and Oven Mitt

I had to share these incredibly easy Thor Cupcakes in honor of the new Avengers movie. The cupcakes are a red velvet cake and topped with a red velvet frosting. Thor’s hammer is made of pretzels and fondant that’s been brushed with luster dust. These are a fun and simple Avengers cupcake to make for any fan’s birthday party.” – Miranda

HULK CAKE POPS – Artsy Fartsy Mama

“My daughter’s favorite Avengers character is The Hulk. I’m not quite sure if it’s because he’s green and towers over his fellow superheroes, or if it’s just because he likes to smash everything to bits. Either way, I must agree that he is pretty awesome. In anticipation of MARVEL’s The Avengers: Age of Ultron coming to theaters on May 1st, we made some Hulk Cake Pops together for a girl’s night!!” – Lindsay

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