Best Watermelon Recipes

It’s #TuesdaysTips and this week we are covering watermelons. We absolutely love eating watermelon. It is healthy, hydrating and very messy. It is one fruit we can binge on with no problem but we always wait until it is in season so it is cheaper. Once little trick we learned last year was putting some sugar on the cut watermelon to allow the flavor to pop even more.

Another tip I want to share is how to pick out the best watermelon. You want to find the melon that is heavy for its size. This usually means it will be sweeter and will have more water content. Look for an orange creamy field spot. The darker yellow field spot usually means it was on the vine longer and is full of flavor. Watermelon can also be used in dishes like the ones below. A fun way to have your kids eat healthier too.

Watermelon Pizza – Partylicious

watermelon pizza with blueberries, walnuts, greek yogurt and honey.

“Watermelon pizza is an easy snack that uses fresh watermelon slices and fun toppings like greek yogurt, whipped cream, and fresh fruit.” – Sophia

Watermelon Fries with Lime Tajin Dip – The Denver Housewife

Watermelon Fries with Lime Tajin Dip

“Watermelon Fries with creamy lime tajin dip are the perfect healthier snack during summer. Cool watermelon sticks and a cool creamy lime tajin dip pair perfectly for a delicious summer treat. Perfect for an afternoon in the backyard, a day at the lake or beach, or for your BBQ get-together.” – Jamie

Dehydrated Watermelon Recipe – Clean Eating Kitchen

bowl of watermelon jerky in a white bowl.

“Dehydrated Watermelon is one of the most delicious and healthy snacks that you can make. Also called Watermelon Jerky, this recipe is simply made from 100% watermelon. It is naturally vegan, gluten-free, and sweet with no added sugars.” – Carrie

Watermelon Ice Lollies – Mrs Jones’s Kitchen

dark baking dish filled with ice, with watermelon ice lollies laid out on the top

“These 2 ingredient watermelon ice lollies are so refreshing, and are the perfect healthy frozen treat to cool you down on hot summer days!” – Robyn

Watermelon Italian Ice – Forking Good Food

05 watermelon

“This Watermelon Italian Ice recipe is guaranteed to cool you down on a hot summer’s day! Switch up the flavors to please even the pickiest of eaters.” – Candy

5 Minute Watermelon Syrup – Foodworthfeed

A mason jar full of watermelon syrup

“This simple homemade watermelon syrup recipe is bursting with the flavor of fresh watermelon! It’s absolutely perfect for easy entertaining and making refreshing Summer cocktails and sodas.” – Scott & Taylor

WATERMELON LEMONADE – Crayons & Cravings

Watermelon lemonade in mason jar garnished with wedge of fresh watermelon.

“Watermelon lemonade is a light and refreshing summertime drink that is easy to make with fresh watermelon, lemons, and sugar.” – Jaclyn


2 glasses of red drink sitting on a marble table garnished with watermelon wedges

Watermelon Agua Fresca with mint and no sugar using only 5 ingredients. This “agua de sandia” recipe is a healthy, non-alcoholic Mexican watermelon drink that’s refreshing, 80 calories per serving with only 1 gram of fat. Takes minutes to prepare. The perfect melon water to enjoy by the pool on a hot summer day!” – Deborah


watermelon slush

“Mmmmmmm…. Fresh cold watermelon on a hot summer’s day. It’s so refreshing. There’s something about it that just screams summer. Watermelon is also a great way to give busy wild kids some extra hydration. You know what else helps keep them hydrated? A Watermelon slush. Or better yet, a watermelon limeade slush. It’s icy cold and thick and tangy and watermelon-y and so. incredibly. delicious. With its gorgeous red color it could also make the perfect addition to a summer Independence Day party. Serve these up with some 4th of July Fruit Pizzas and Berry Salad for a really festive 4th of July spread.” – Nicole and Andrea


Watermelon Drink Recipe | IZZE Watermelon Raspberry Sparkling Water Drink Recipe

“’ve shared my recent discovery of The Butcher’s Daughter restaurant here in LA. They have great food, but what I really love is their watermelon juice. It’s so good that I’ve been non stop craving a fizzy watermelon drink this summer, which is actually fine because it is SO EASY to make.” -Luci

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