In high school, sciences went always by grade. It is suggested to take biology in 9th but its not necessary with other science available. Here is the printable if your high schooler chooses to take biology

Chemistry of Life

Elements and Atoms
Electron Shells and Orbitals Chemical bonds and reactions

Water, acids and bases

Hydrogen bonding in water
Cohesion and adhesion
Temperature and state changes in water Acids, bases and pH

Properties of carbon

Hydrocarbon structures and functional groups


what are Macromolecules? carbohydrates
Nucleic acids


Energy and Enzymes

Energy in metabolism laws of thermodynamics free energy
ATP and reaction coupling what are enzymes? enzyme regulation

Structure of a cell

what are cells?
Prokaryotic and eukaryotic cells

tour of a eukaryotic cells
extracellular structures and cell-cell junctions

Membranes and transport

the plasma membrane diffusion and osmosis passive transport active transport

bulk transport

Cellular Respiration

what is cellular respiration
steps of cellular respiration
pyruvate oxidation and the citric acid cycle oxidative phosphorylation


what is photosynthesis
the light dependent reactions
the calvin cycle
photorespiration: C3, C4 and CAM plants

Cell Signaling

how the cells signal to each other communication in single celled organisms

Cell Division

what is cell division
the cell cycle and mitosis
cell cycle regulation, cancer and stem cells

Classical and Molecular Genetics

Mendelian genetics
variations on medelian genetics
chromosomal basis of genetics
sex linkage, chromosomal mutations & non – nuclear inherit molecular basis of genetics

DNA as the genetic material

Structure of DNA Discovery of DNA DNA replication

Central dogma (DNA to RNA to protein)

Central dogma and the genetic code transcription

Gene Regulation

Gene regulation in bacteria Gene regulation in eukaryotes


what is biotechnology DNA cloning
DNA analysis methods

Developmental biology

Development & differentiation
signaling & transcription factors in development apoptosis

Bacteria and Archaea

Prokaryote structure
Prokaryote metabolism and ecology



Evolution and the tree of life

Evolution and natural selection population genetics
speciation and evolutionary trees

History of Life on Earth

Formation of Earth and early life the diversification of life radiometric dating


What is ecology
Population ecology
population growth & regulation community ecology
community structure & diversity what are ecosystems biogeochemical cycles biogeography

Biodiversity and Conservation

Ecosystems & ecosystem services global distribution of biodiversity threats to biodiversity
protecting biodiversity

levels of biodiversity

Behavioral biology

animal behavior

Principles of Physiology

Body Structure & Homeostasis Metabolism & thermoregulation

Human Biology

Circulatory and Pulmonary systems The neuron and nervous system the kidney and nephron


Plant Biology

Plant responses to light

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