Black Panther Movie Night

It’s #MovieNightFriday and we have been on a Marvel kick. Now not every kid can handle marvel films, and that is completely okay. My kiddo needed a few year break before returning. That being said Marvel has some really educational elements, which we are excited to share soon. However, with Black Panther, we had conversations about the Continent of Africa, African tribes, diplomacy and rare materials like Vibranium. Below are the resources we used to add to our lessons.

CAAKIRI – Pandemonium Noshery

“Caakiri is fairly common throughout most parts of Africa. Originally it was a savory pudding with millet. Now couscous or millet are both used and sugar are how it’s done. IF you haven’t cooked millet before it’s quite similar to cooking rice.” – Juli

EWA RIRO – Pandemonium Noshery

“October 1st, 2018 marked 58 years of Nigerian independence from Britain. In honor of that we were invited to an Independence day party that included info about the country, some Igbo dancing, and of course food. Quite a few of the dishes I recognized. There was jollof rice, Nigerian fried rice, plantains, smoked chicken legs, puff puff, and zobo to drink. There was also this dish, called ewa riro, which I knew was on the agenda to make soon. I even had half a back of black eyed peas tucked in my cabinet from when I made red-red. Red-red is sort of similar, it’s black eyed-peas in a tomato sauce but the two dishes are actually quite different. I hope you can check out both.” – Juli

Black Panther Cupcakes – Totally the Bomb

Black Panther Cupcakes #blackpanther #cupcakes #blackpantherrecipes #blackpantherpartyideas

“Black Panther is officially in theaters and what is there not to love about it? After seeing the movie I got inspired to make these Black Panther Cupcakes. In fact, I made 2 different variations of them. They are so good, you’ll want to stalk them like they are your prey.” – Brittanie

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