Blueberries and Sunflowers

Sorry for the delay. It has been a long few weeks. We’ve been so busy around the house and wanting to get out of the house rather than stay inside. Last few days we did some field trips. On Sunday we went to the next town over to go find some Sunflowers. On the way we stopped at the local farmer’s market and were able to get delicious garlic.

Anyway, funny enough I had no address for this particular farm but I did now the road. So we entered the road into our GPS and followed it, it took us to the exact address despite no house number. I don’t mean like we found the road but it told us to stop directly at the farm.

There were two other cars with locals who were going to take pictures. One of the ladies knew the owners and said they actually grew the sunflowers (3 fields full) for the sunflower oil. I thought that was pretty cool. Our usual sunflower spot stopped a few years ago but we still like to go by and say Hi on occasion.

The next day, Monday, we decided to go blueberry picking last minute. It is the end of the season so we got very lucky to even find blueberries still on the bush. Of course as soon as we got there and Matt saw chickens, well he lost interest in picking. He has a generous heart for all animals. He rather pick the berries for the chickens then to have at home. So on we went for a good hour and a half picking as many great ones we could find. With 3 of us, we managed 3 pounds worth of delicious blueberries.

We went home to enjoy a let lunch then washed, dried and divided our blueberries for 8 different recipes we plan on baking them with. First up was the blueberry muffins.

By the end of today they were basically all eaten up, thats how you know they taste good. Any who, if your interested in any of our recipes, please check us out at

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