Boredom Busters during COVID

With us all being sheltered down right now Child Center of NY sent this out. It’s a wonderful list to keep yourself and your children occupied during this stressful time.

– If you have assigned school work, complete it

– Clean and organize, now is a great time to deep clean and go through all your things to get rid and repurpose things or donate to charity, those in need during this difficult time

-rearrange and decorate your home, worth taking the time to open it up and feel less anxiety with a clean and organized home

-indoor workout, this could be Zumba, yoga, weight training, body training. There are a lot of fitness companies giving free trainings and access to their apps

-call or video chat with friends and family, we are suppose to be social distancing but we need to still keep in contact. As humans we seek others. Check in with those that are especially high risk.

– Read a book. Now is the perfect time to catch up on your reading list. With access to audible, nook, kindle and the NY public library there are 300,000 + choices of free books.

– family board games and puzzles. Great way to connect with your family and forget the current situation.

– watch movies, Starz, HBO and so many more channels are showing free movies. If you have a streaming service catch up on what you want and you can theme it up with the kids with activities and food.

-dance and sing. It’s a great stress reliever. Put on some music and let it out.

– create tiktoks, just be weary of this site and make it private to the public

-create YouTube videos and tutorials, great way to showcase a passion and build a platform.

-look into colleges if you are in high school, you can look into their websites, take a virtual tour and even try some courses on coursera and class central among each college website.

– write a letter to someone, you can write to soldiers, nurses and doctors, long distance family and so many more. I bet they would appreciate a hand written letter during this time.

– paint/drawing/craft, I’m betting if you are like us you have a pile of projects or goals you want to complete. Now is the time to get through it or learn something.

– cook/bake, it’s better than going out but if you want an educational spin check out our business page

– practice mindfulness, try meditation, trying keeping your tone and voice down, journal

– video games, check out new games, connect with friends and try new challenges

– crosswords and Sudokus, great way to challenge the mind, there are lots of apps if you don’t have a book or newspaper

Remember to continue to practice social distancing, wear gloves and mask if you can and avoid going out.

Stay safe and stay healthy