Brave Movie Night

You know what day it is, which means its our #Movienightfriday. These never get old. Today we are traveling over to Scotland through Brave. Did you know that Merida is the only Pixar Princess? She is also the only princess that doesn’t sing.

Now the Disney film historian and film theorist in me can go off on a huge tangent on how this film set off The Pixar Theory, which inspired my book The Disney Pixar Connection. I can spend hours talking about the Easter eggs and theories but we don’t have that much time here. So join The Disney Pixar Connection Facebook group and pick up a copy of the book, which you can find here on my sister site.

Anyway, on to my Brave Movie Night Lesson. Since Brave is set in Scotland, we too time to learn more about the country. Here are some videos talking about and showing you the country of Scotland.

We mapped out where Scotland is on the map, talked about the history of the highlands, castles and more before we moved on to creating a Scottish themed Menu for the night.


Disney Brave Merida Paper Craft – The Inspiration Edit

“Are you a fan of Princess Merida from the Disney movie Brave? If so you will love to make this super cute and fun Merida paper craft and ornament. We love to share paper crafts and easy ornament ideas here on Craft Play Learn and I’m sure you will love this fun and free template! Enjoy!” – Angela


Homemade Scottish Sausage Rolls…Great for a Snack or a Meal – Christina’s Cucina

Scottish sausage rolls are perfect for breakfast, snacks, lunch or dinner, and are so easy to make!” – Christina

Bangers and Mash (Pub-Style Sausage and Mash) – Christina’s Cucina

Bangers and mash is a classic British meal, and almost never amiss on British pub menus for good reason: it’s incredibly delicious comfort food! Learn how easy it is to make in your home, too!” – Christina

Fish and Chips (Scottish Fish and Chip Shop Recipe) – Christina’s Cucina

Fish and chips made the way my dad used to make them in his chip shop in Glasgow is the tastiest way to make fish and chips. Learn how you can make this style of fish and chips, and you’ll understand why it’s called “a special fish”. – Christina

Linguine and Clams (Spaghetti alle Vongole) – Christina’s Cucina

Linguine and clams is a super quick and easy seafood dish you can make anytime you have good quality, fresh clams on hand. The original dish from Italy, spaghetti alle vongole, uses an alternative long pasta, so use whichever one you prefer.“‘ – Christina


Empire Biscuits (Classic Scottish Iced Cookies with Raspberry Jam) – Cristina’s Cucina

Empire Biscuits are simply classic Scottish bakery fare. Two shortbread type biscuits are sandwiched together, topped with icing and a candied cherry. ” – Christina

Scottish Snowballs (Raspberry Jam Sandwich Cookies Dipped in Coconut) – Christina’s Cucina

Scottish Snowballs are a classic raspberry and coconut biscuit (cookie) treat from Scotland. I grew up with them and think it’s time they made an appearance here in the US, especially for the holidays!” – Christina

Scottish Macaroon Bars – Christina’s Cucina

Scottish Macaroon Bars are made from a surprising main ingredient: potatoes! Bet you wouldn’t have guessed that! This treat is a quintessential Scottish sweet, especially loved by those who adore coconut.” – Christina


  1. Halo a charaid!

    Very informative post. I did know Merida is the only Pixar princess so far. Only one who didn’t sing? Okay. What about Kida from Atlantis even though she’s not part of the Disney Princess Breakfast Club. Scotland certainly is a locale not covered a lot in mainstream movies besides Braveheart. Interestingly enough, I went to a Scottish restaurant for the first time last month.

    • Because Kida is not in the Disney Princess (which she and Elionwye) should be, it doesn’t exactly count. Scotland and Wales tend to get looked over in history despite using the land to film.

      • Good point and I’m glad you brought up Eilonwy, too. You can also add Megara to the list (even though she does have a song) since she was the daughter of the king of Crete in the original Greek mythology stories. “Breakfast Clubs” can be strange when it comes to character rosters, if you will. I know, right? I even talked about Wales in a list I did involving countries I wanted to see sci-fi and fantasy from because that gets overlooked compared to other countries in the UK. Also, I hoped you appreciated the Scottish Gaelic I dropped in the first comment.

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