Caesar Salad

Firstly, hey I’m a day late but happy national caesar salad day. Yup July 4th is also national barbecue day too. This year though we decided on salad. We didn’t want to do much cooking today. Its been hot since, well you know its officially summer here, plus we’ve got a lot going on between homeschooling year round, blogging, enjoying our time etc. Life gets busy and a light meal is perfect. We also really weren’t in the mood to celebrate Independence Day in the traditional sense with everything going on. I did however write on the history of Independence day over at Homeschooling in NYC, so check it out.

Anyway back to our salad. its light, easy and delicious. Of course not every kid is like Matthew but its something he does request. He’s a pretty picky eater despite loving to cook but he also lies to make sure some of his meals are healthy too. This happens to be one of them (yes we do realize the dressing isn’t the healthiest and thats something to be aware of).

What’s great about salads besides they are versatile and fully of veggies, is that its something kids can easily help with. Kids can wash and shred the lettuce, they can cut and add the tomatoes, add croutons, add the anything else you are putting in and the dressing. then they can toss it and practice fine motor by serving. When you give a child a job, they not only feel important but feel lie they have role in the family, the bonus is that you get help. This can include setting the table, cooking with you, and clearing the table. You are also teaching important life skills they will need to become an independent  adult.

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