Well its 12th grade and if your student needs another math, Calculus is the way to go. Here is the printable to go with


Find values of functions from graphs
Add, subtract, multiply, and divide functions Composition of functions
Identify inverse functions
Find values of inverse functions from tables Find values of inverse functions from graphs Find inverse functions and relations

Families of functions

Function transformation rules Translations of functions Reflections of functions
Dilations of functions Transformations of functions Describe function transformations

Trigonometric functions

Convert between radians and degrees Quadrants
Coterminal and reference angles
Find trigonometric ratios using right triangles Find trigonometric ratios using the unit circle Find trigonometric ratios using reference angles Inverses of trigonometric functions

Find properties of sine functions
Write equations of sine functions from graphs
Write equations of sine functions using properties Graph sine functions
Find properties of cosine functions
Write equations of cosine functions from graphs Write equations of cosine functions using properties Graph cosine functions
Graph sine and cosine functions

Exponential and logarithmic functions

Domain and range of exponential and logarithmic functions Convert between exponential and logarithmic form Evaluate logarithms
Change of base formula


Product property of logarithms
Quotient property of logarithms
Power property of logarithms
Evaluate logarithms using properties
Describe linear and exponential growth and decay

Introduction to limits

Find limits using graphs
Find one-sided limits using graphs Determine if a limit exists

Calculate limits

Find limits using addition, subtraction, and multiplication laws Find limits using the division law
Find limits using power and root laws
Find limits using limit laws

Find limits of polynomials and rational functions Find limits involving factorization and rationalization Find limits involving absolute value functions
Find limits involving trigonometric functions

Limits involving infinity

Find limits at vertical asymptotes using graphs
Determine end behavior using graphs
Determine end behavior of polynomial and rational functions

Rational functions

Find the limit at a vertical asymptote of a rational function


Identify graphs of continuous functions
Determine continuity using graphs
Determine one-sided continuity using graphs
Find and analyze points of discontinuity using graphs Determine continuity on an interval using graphs Determine the continuity of a piecewise function at a point Make a piecewise function continuous

Intermediate Value Theorem

Introduction to derivatives

Average rate of change I
Find instantaneous rates of change Velocity as a rate of change
Find values of derivatives using limits
Find the slope of a tangent line using limits Find equations of tangent lines using limits

Derivative rules

Sum and difference rules Product rule
Quotient rule
Power rule

Chain rule
Inverse function rule

Calculate derivatives

Find derivatives of polynomials
Find derivatives of rational functions
Find derivatives of trigonometric functions
Find derivatives of exponential functions
Find derivatives of logarithmic functions
Find derivatives of inverse trigonometric functions Find derivatives of radical functions
Find derivatives using the product rule
Find derivatives using the quotient rule
Find derivatives using the chain rule

Derivative strategies

Find derivatives using implicit differentiation Find tangent lines using implicit differentiation Find derivatives using logarithmic differentiation

Calculate higher derivatives

Find higher derivatives of polynomials
Find higher derivatives of rational and radical functions
Find second derivatives of trigonometric, exponential, and logarithmic functions Find higher derivatives of exponential and trigonometric functions
Find higher derivatives of logarithmic and power functions

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