Camping Minecraft Lesson

It is getting to the end of summer and it is #MinecraftMonday. Today we bring you a camping lesson. Now on a normal summer, Matthew and I go camping at least once during the season. This year was not normal though. Covid was not the issue for this because camping is about being secluded, plus we own enough private property and have access to thousands more thanks to our amazingly kind neighbors that allow us to use (yes full permission). However this year it was non stop raining every time we even remotely had a chance, plus we are in the process of moving, and Matthew was diagnosed with Lyme disease thanks to a tick bite (always check yourself, kids and animals). It was definitely not a fun August to say the least. So we settled on doing a camping lesson via Minecraft.

Now there are a few times of camping styles like tent, glamping and RV camping. As. we can see below, that is also reflected in the mods we found. We had fun seeing what each was about. While Matthew and I have only done tent camping, we are hoping to do RV life in the future.

The first mod we explored was fun but felt more of a camp (like summer camp) then camping, so we went on to find a cabin, which is like glamping. Although now we (well for the last 20 years have owned and soon full time) have lived in a log cabin, I guess it could be glamping. This will always be home though.

And the third mod we found RV/Camper vans to explore. None were really giving us the same feeling but it worked for the lesson.

Have you ever gone camping? What do you need to take with you? Which style do you like best?

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