So I’ve been in the process of writing this post back in may but I held off until we went camping this year. We normally go every year since we love to go. The great thing about camping is you can go anywhere, up a mountain, on a beach, in the yard, in the house (counts for now). Its so much fun. You can even go glamping or rent an RV or cabin and it counts.

Anyway, this was our set up this year. Yes in the backyard. We made a fire and covered our fire safety lesson, we made dinner and dessert and we slept the night (okay half the night, mommy was too cold) in the tent. I will admit I bring the iPad loaded with movies to watch at night but you can bring books, games, tell stories, look at the stars or just listen to nature all around you. Which we did. Matthew didn’t want to talk during dinner so he could listen to the birds.

So we made Tacos in a bag, I cooked the beef over the fire then we plated (you can do individual Dorito bags) it with chips, cheese and tomato. We didn’t feel like adding lettuce. Then we cooked banana boats and popcorn over the fire. Unfortunately the fire tonight was giving us such a big struggle so it took a lot long to get started and cook then normal. Next time we plan on Hot dogs using a stick and regular amores.

Banana Boat, best to use small marshmallows and chocolate chips to look better

We tidied up a bit before heading into the tent where we had our desserts while watching our movie.

We stopped our movie at one point to look at the stars and appreciate nature. Then we snuggled up and Matthew fell to sleep. We might try another night this week if its not too cold but we will see. We love camping and have talked about trying some new sights for him but we shall see if that will happen this year or within the next few years.

The other camping activities we do, or have done, when it comes to camping is animal tracing, fort building (what would make good areas to build), amores, fire building (log fire vs teepee for starting, don’t worry I’m the one lighting the fire but he helps build it) and fire safety.

There are so many more camping activities you can do even if you can’t physically go out. Build a tent in the house, do a pretend fire, etc. Pinterest has so many ideas (follow us at ). Have your own fun. If your looking for camping themed books you can check out our list here.

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