Cars in Minecraft

It’s #MinecraftMonday and with my kiddo’s car obsession, I thought why not create a fun lesson using his interest. That is what is beautiful about homeschooling. Our lessons don’t look anything like that being taught in public. If you are part of our Facebook group, you might have heard me talk a lot about using your child’s interests to your advantage. Well here is a perfect example. In this lesson we started in Cars Land aka Radiator Springs from the movie Franchise. We enjoyed seeing this mod but unfortunately no cars to drive. There was only one mod we could find where we can drive vehicles but I will talk about that in another lesson.

Then I found hundreds of addons to use. Here is just a small glimpse of what we found. These of course are the luxury versions because ho doesn’t enjoy looking at fancy expensive cars right?

But since this is a lesson beyond the fun, he researched how cars are made.

Then we talked about the history of cars. Besides watching the video below, Matthew was very lucky to not only take a field trip to car museums, mechanic shops (thanks to my brother) but has also had the privilege of visiting a private collectors who has some of the first vehicles made in the USA, as well as cars that were very much apart of our history.

Beyond that you can use the science and Math of engineering to talk about how the mechanics work.

We hope you enjoyed the lesson.

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