2nd Grade End of the Year Goals

Here are the Goals 2nd graders should accomplish by the end of the year. Do not worry if they are slightly behind in some areas and ahead in others. That is completely normal. Here is a printable version as well.


– Daily reading

– Log and track progress

Language Arts

– Can read long vowel words

– I can read multi- syllable words

– I con read words with common prefixes and suffixes

– I can read and write all my sight words

– I can read with fluency

– I can ask and answer questions about a text

– I can identify the main idea of a nonfiction text

– I can compare compare and contrast toe non fiction texts

– I can retell stories

– I can understand the characters setting and plot in a story

– I can write an opinion piece

– I can write a detailed narrative

– I can write using correct capital, punctuation and spelling

– I can use prefixes to determine the meaning of new words

– I can use a dictionary to determine the meaning of a word


– I can use addition and subtraction story problems within 100

– I can mentally add and subtract within 20

– I can identify odd and even numbers

– I can write an equation to match an array

– I can count to 1000 by 5,s 10s, and 100s

– I can read and write numbers to 1000 using numbers and number names

– I can compare three digit numbers

– I can add two digit numbers based on place value

– I can add and subtract within 1000 using models drawings or addiction and subtraction strategies

– I can mentally add and subtract 10 or 100 to a number

– I can tell time to the nearest five minutes

– I can measure and compare objects

– I can solve money word problems

– I can read and interpret graphs

– I can identify, recognize and draw shapes

– I can identify 1/2, 1/4, 1/8 of shapes

Social Studies

– I can identify hemispheres, poles and the equator on a globe

– I can identify the countries, major rivers and mountain ranges in North America

– I can recognize that natural regions are represented on maps by showing physical dentures, climate, vegetation, and natural resources

– I can understand the importance of geographic features to communities

– I can understand how governments provide security, establish order and manage conflict

– I know hoe public officials are chosen and how laws are made

– I identify the difference between local, state and national government and identify key leaders for mayor, governor, president etc

– I can explain how individual actions and characteristics of historical figures made a difference in the lives of others

– I explore history of their community and state

– I practice reading, writing, research and artistic skills in a thematic unit that incorporates social studies


– The cycle of life – plants and animals have predictable life cycles

– Seasons – the four season including their characteristics

– Matter – solid, liquid and gas forms

– The human body – skeletal, muscular, digestive and nervous systems and how to take care of your body

– Insects – parts of the insect and their life cycles

– Electricity and magnetism- electric currents, circuits, how batteries work and the push and pull of magnets

– Earth and space – the properties of suns, moons, planets and stars and their locations and movements


– Dance, Music, Arts

– Drawing and Coloring

– Connect the dots

– Hands on Crafts