Central Park Zoo

So it’s been a year, possibly 2, since we’ve gone back to this zoo. It’s a great small zoo in central Manhattan. It’s now reopened since the shut down due to the pandemic, I’m not sure if they will have to shut down again but you can find information on their website. I do know that its limited tickets right now.

Moving on, all the pictures in this post will be from 2018. There are several other zoos around New York City and New York State that are worth visiting.

Central Park zoo is a smaller zoo in the NYC area. Its small enough that young kids can run around and be safe. It is a 6 acre zoo on the east side of the park from 64th street on. But it doesn’t seem like it. The Zoo is split between two sections, there is the main section then the petting zoo is on the right a but further up from the main entrance heading uptown. You might recognize parts of it from the movie Madagascar.

The Central Park zoo has several buildings that have multiple exhibits like Rainforest, Polar Circle, Temperate Territory which are all fun to walk through. They also have Seals, Bears, Snow Monkey and Snow Leopards out side those those buildings and a petting zoo area.

Rainforst Exibit:

Polar Circle:

Petting Zoo:

And then the other photos I took while there:

In the petting zoo area that day, we not only fed the animals but took pictures with one of the goats. We learned a lot more about them that day. I mean we love going to the zoo, what kid doesn’t?

If I remember correctly after our field trip, we made our way down to the flatiron area, looked in the LEGO store, which is normal for us, then got lunch or dinner and went home.

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