Chateau de Bois Minecraft

It’s #Minecraftmonday and we are traveling to France to explore Chateau de Bois. Now there are several castles by that name which include:

Chateau de Bois Bouzon

Chateau de Bois Giraud

Chateau de Bois-Millet

Chateau de Bois – Briand

However we found this minecraft mod more closely resembles the Chateau de Bois Giraud which is located in Beaupréau-en-Mauges, France.

In 1850 the current chateau was constructed by an Englishman, Mac Alister, which was purchased by the Marquis de Gibot. In 1920 the chateau was gifted to his acquaintance Comte D’Anthenaise.

After the death of Comte D’Anthenaise in 1987 the chateau was sold to Jean Dumas, a protestant pasteur from the Cevennes, who wanted to use it as a holiday retreat for his parishoners – family circumstances intervened and he was forced to sell the chateau in 1990.

Robert and Anne Francis who purchased the property completely renovated and refurbished it to use for themselves and let out. In 2001 the Earl of Macclesfield purchased the property which was used as a holiday home until 2011, at which point it was decided it was too big. His three daughters now own the property and rent the chateau for others to enjoy, whilst still enjoying the odd family holiday here themselves. You too can stay in the castle in person or in minecraft.

Now beyond exploring in minecraft, we compared it to the castles mentioned above. We compared what chateau’s purpose were compared to medieval castle and why things changed. There are so many more chateaus to explore, this was just the introduction.

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