Chinese New Year Minecraft Edition

Well it’s #MinecraftMonday so you know we have a fun filled lesson today. With it being Chinese New Year on February 12th, 2021, we decided to do a Chinese History Lesson. We will be celebrating the Chinese New Year that Friday so be on the look out for that post.

We started off searching through Minecraft Add on App for the right mod to download but unfortunately, other than World of Worlds where we could explore Forbidden City, China.

Other than that, I couldn’t find anything more to explore. So we began building the Great Wall of China. I didn’t make him do 13, 171 miles worth because that would be crazy. However, you can see he did a small portion on it.

But then I did find a Chinese Empire Mod. So we did some exploring. It reminded us a lot of Forbidden City as seen above so we didn’t spend all that much time in that world.

The last part of our building portion was that he had to replicate the Chinese dragon in Minecraft . Here was his inspiration.

We then watched Ancient China from Above on Disney+ which is a 3 part Docuseries.

In previous years we also watched these shorter videos.

Now China does have a rich history because of how old it is. We have covered some of it from Pre-K to 2nd but we will be digging down deeper in later years. You can begin with breaking down the different dynasty’s and what each brought to China,

China’s Dynasty

Xia Dynasty 2100 B.C – 1600 B.C

Shang Dynasty 1600 B.C – 1050 B.C

Zhou Dynasty 1050 B.C- 256 B.C

Qin Dynasty 221 B.C – 206 B.C

Han Dynasty 206 B.C – 220 A.D

Three Kingdoms 220 A.D – 265 A.D

Western Jin Dynasty 265 A.D – 317 A.D

Sui Dynasty 581 A.D – 618 A.D

Tang Dynasty 618 A.D- 906 A.D

Five Dynasty 907 A.D – 960 A.D

Liao Dynasty 907 A.D – 1125 A.D

Song Dynasty 960 A.D – 1279 A.D

Yawn Dynasty 1279 A.D – 1368 A.D

Ming Dynasty 1368 A.D – 1644 A.D

Qing Dynasty 1644 A.D – 1911 A.D

Modern China

Going through each dynasty, we will be learning about the family life, religion, economy and any contributions to the time.

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