Chocolate covered Almonds

These are one of the simplest and mot delicious candy you can make at home. It’s so easy to make a bug bath or even a small batch on whim. It’s literally 3 ingredients but you better have them on hand.

chocolate covered almonds

  • Servings: 1-100
  • Difficulty: easy
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Dark chocolate (you need tempered chocolate)

Either coco powder or confectioners sugar


1. Over a ban Marie (double boiler) temper the chocolate. That means you must have a thermometer and seeding chocolate. Melt the chocolate fondant to 115. Take off the ban Marie and stir down to 85 (seed it with chopped already tempered chocolate but after it drops to 95 don’t seed anymore). Then bring it back up to 91 using the ban Marie for a few seconds at a time, continuously stirring.

2. In a separate bowl pour the chocolate over the almonds and toss until all the almonds are evenly coated

3. Add enough confectioners sugar until the almonds are coated.

4. Use a sifter to get the extra confectioners sugar and chocolate out and allow the almonds to harden on a sheet tray.

5. Enjoy them… just a warning they are deliciously addicting

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