Chronicles of Narnia Minecraft Lesson

Well it’s #MinecraftMonday. If you are new to our website, well we homeschool and love using Minecraft as part of our learning. There are so many ways to use Minecraft in all subjects.

Over the spring, I also got Certified as a Minecraft Educator. I not only have access to Minecraft Education lessons but love making our own.

Matthew really enjoys the lessons too. Sometimes we work just in the game and sometimes we use a lot of other resources in addition to for our lesson. Just like today.

The Chronicles of Narnia is a book series written by C. S Lewis.

It was then turned into a movie series, well only the first three books are movies currently. However this mod just focuses on the first book and movie.

So for our lesson we read the book and watched the movie.

First we compared the two and answer these questions as part of our ELA.

What Happened?

Who was/are the Protagonist?

Who was the Antigonist?

What was the Protahknust goals? Or Motivation?

What was the antigonist goals or motivation?

Where was it set?

What would you have done?

Did you like the book or the movie better? And why?

Then we found a Minecraft Mod for The Chronicles of Narnia. It is in survival mode so to begin we switched over to explore the world. We found 3 main locations that were in the book and movie: The House, The Ice Castle and Mr. Tumnus House.

Then we began building the battle talents before they went to war.

Lastly the Castle from the last scene of the movie.

To add on you can switch back to survival and try to live as Peter, Susan, Edmond or Lucy.


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