Cooking Curriculum

Hey there followers. If you haven’t read through some of my other posts, well you may be wondering why I’m adding this page. I’m a trained pastry chef and chocolatier but I’ve grown up cooking my entire life. I started Matthew’s Kitchen in 2014 first as a blog then as a business (unfortunately I’ve had complications with the website so it looks newer than it is). I built and pride myself with teaching kids how to bake and cook. I’ve created a few cooking curriculums I use in my business and wanted to share. I will be creating the entire curriculum to sell but right now I’ll give you bits and pieces. We also use some of our dishes as part of our Movie Nights, so stay tuned. I know you will enjoy it as much as we do, and all the students I’ve had.

Eat Your way through the USA- Printable of states and foods

Each week study a new state by learning the facts, cooking popular foods and a craft or writing prompt for each. If you are interested in the cooking course with videos, it will be launching soon on Matthew’s Kitchen.

Young Chef Program (ages 1-7) – Cooking Related Books List

Using Books as the base, read through the story, learn a new skill and cook a fun snack or meal with mom or dad, and create a fun arts and Crafts based off the story.

Around the World – Around the World Country & Food List

Just like Eat your way through the States, travel to a new country remotely. Learn all about it through facts, cook popular meals and create a craft or use the Writing Prompt.