Cooking Skills by Age

It is #TuesdayTips and that means we are diving into a new topic. This week we are covering what skills your child can do by their age. I want to add that the skill will not be mastered, but you will introduce and work on it. Also adding that each child is different, your child may be ahead or not ready. Last thing to note is your comfort level as a parent. While I am a trained chef, I am also a mom. My maternal instincts kick in and want to keep him out of the kitchen. My other instincts say no, this is a great opportunity for him to learn not only life skills but also learn about nutrition, geography, art, science and get him to eat better. So with education and safety in mind, we are creating a fun program for children to learn all that and gain confidence.

Now we have launched our Road trip through the USA cooking course, which is a year long program, done at your pace, for children to learn much more than just reading and following a recipe. However, I recommend the program for ages 6 and up. So here is a list by age.

Ages 1-3

With children being so young, they need supervision. Be prepared to have a mess but that is okay. With Children being picky at this young age, bringing them into the kitchen with you not only makes memories but also encourages your child to taste new foods. They are also building on their life skills, math, science and listening sills.

  • Wash Vegetables and Fruits
  • Pour Pre measured Ingredients
  • Stir
  • Tear up lettuce, herbs and spices

Ages 3-6

Children still need supervision but they are gaining more confidence and continuing to build on their skills. Children still need supervision but are able to do more without your hands on help, however your counters may become messy. Great way to teach them how to clean up. By this age range, you can so much more in. Children can help with more meals and snacks, you can take fun cooking classes and you can theme is up with a book as suggested in our Food Based Book article. The skills your children are working on are confidence, life skills, English language, math, measuring, science, history, geography and nutrition.

  • Everything 1-3 year olds can do
  • Begin with knife skills
  • Setting the table
  • Wash Dishes
  • Gather ingredients
  • Crack Eggs
  • Knead or Roll out dough
  • Measuring ingredients
  • Following directions

Ages 6-10

Children still need supervision as this is the age when you can be introducing the use of stove and oven.This is when I cover food safety and skills as well. Your child will be able to learn to cook more and more without your help but will need supervision for safety reasons. Now is also a great time to work on budgeting and meal planning. When children have a say, they feel important.

  • Everything 1-3 and 3-6 can do
  • Read a recipe
  • Write out a grocery list
  • Use of Sharper Knives
  • Able to use Stove and Oven with supervision
  • Help plan out family meals

Ages 10+

Children don’t need as much supervision by this age, but that is based on your comfort level and what your child is doing. However, being your child’s soul chef can help your child and continue making memories. Have fun with it and let them lead. Continue working on new cooking skills, challenge your child and try new things.

  • Everything 1-3,3-6 and 6-10 are capable of
  • Create their own recipe
  • Cook a meal without help

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