Crockpot Cornbeef

We love Corn beef, though we only have it one time a year and yes that’s for St. Patrick’s Day. Normally we go get our corn beef on rye at Katz Deli or 2nd Avenue deli. It depends on our mood which location we go to. This year we decided to do it ourselves. Which was surprisingly easy. Well this year my dad was actually home as well thanks to the quarantine. So we made the corn beef, drove to 2nd ave deli for the coleslaw and then headed to Pommes Frites for our French fries to continue our tradition despite Coronavirus happening. We made sure to be safe. Let me take you back to a Typical St. Patrick’s Day for our family though.

My mom goes to work, I’m working at home with Matthew making Lucky Charm Treats and my dad leaves early in the morning to march in the St Patrick’s Day Parade with his old high school buddies from Power Memorial.

St. Patrick’s Day Parade NYC

You can’t see him in this photo but he’s usually in the back on the left. It’s a quick glance on tv as they walk by. The cool thing is that my dad was friends with Kareem Abdul Jabbar back in high school. Kareem was a year younger, of course he played basketball while my dad was the captain of the track team.

Kareem Abdul Jabbar at his prime

They still talk about once or twice a year. Continuing my story, my mom gets home and we usually drive to grab our dinner. The thing about this year wasn’t only that the parade was cancelled but we were able to find a package of corn beef for a good price and decided to do it on our own. And so we did, replicating the sandwiches we would normally get from Katz or 2nd ave Deli.

Corn Beef on Rye with Pommes Frites

Our sandwiches are rye with brown mustard, coleslaw and corn beef layered. Pictured are Pommes frites fries. The only other place I had an amazing Corn beef sandwich was when I went to Quebec in 2012 with my mom. The place is called Schwartz Deli, which had been recently bought by Celine Dion, her late husband René, Paul Nakis and Eric and Martin Sara who currently run the deli. I highly recommend it can’t wait to go back.

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