Culinary Arts Month

It is #TuesdayTips and with it being end of June, about to be July, well I thought let’s kick off the holiday with talking about Culinary Arts. I have previously done Tips from a Pastry Chef and Tips from a Chocolatier, which you can check out. However, there is so much to being in the Culinary Arts, so let me give you what that means.

Culinary Arts means the art of preparing, cooking, presenting and serving food. Now that covers a lot of people in the industry. Here are some careers that are apart of Culinary Arts:

Pastry Chef – Bakes

Chocolatier – works with chocolate

Executive Chef – runs the kitchen. possibly owns the restaurant and decides on the menu

Personal Chefs – hired for events or by families

Caterers – hired for events

Wine Sommeliers – deals with wine and pairing

Restaurant Managers – runs the restaurant

Saucier -makes sauces

Sous Chef – works under the Executive chef

and so many more.

Unfortunately the food industry personnel get no love unless you are a famous chef but that doesn’t mean you can’t give your local restaurants and bakeries some love and appreciation.

Now we do cover all the moving parts to Culinary arts. We have covered terminology, Prepping and food safety, and recently covered presenting through the art of plating. Take your time going through all the parts. Even if your dream is not to be a chef, it is important to know how to cook.

With kids of all ages, you can pretend to run a restaurant or bakery. You will no use all the moving parts but covering manners, cooking, safety, menu planning and so much more will help set expectations for your children.

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