Curriculum Planning

Hey guys I apologize for not posting much recently. I’ve been working on my business and curriculum for M. I ordered our workbooks for next year and i reset for our fourth quarter. It’s all planned out. Now i have covered the basic daily schedules a few times but I’m going to cover what the curriculum looks like. Now our workbooks allow 15 weeks of worth depending on how you break it up. I am using the Tinker Active Workbooks which I will link below. And the DK Geography book. Anyway here is what our schedule looks like by month so you can understand. We do 1 lesson (about) a day in the morning and the rest of our day is unschooling. We watch, play, do life skills, and more. I know many parents worry about not doing enough but having seen the actual difference in M from homeschool to Public school back to homeschooling, its the least of my worries. In fact he’s been asking for challenges and fun classes to take on top of what we do. So he’s enrolled in one currently but I’m looking at many others.

Okay so as you can see from our overview, we do workbook 4x a week with Wednesday as our break and we do a mass amount of art, music, gym and virtual field trips. We still incorporate all that in our unschooling but this allows both of us a minor break and still learning. In fact i got the idea from my mom’s high school (she is a social worker in a NYC high school). They use Wednesdays as a check in and catch up on work day. So as I stated in the beginning I ordered his 2nd grade books as well. It will be the same set up as the last quarter of 1st grade. Now again its only 15 lessons so its mostly one quarter of the school year. So I’m planning on doing all year round this upcoming year at least according to our records. Summer will be like camp version then starting on our workbooks back up In September through December. Probably take two weeks off to enjoy holidays and learn through traditions before starting back up. That is what I’m working on as well as the camp part. But I will update this as soon as i can.

Below are the workbooks we use and will be using the same company for 2nd grade.