Debunking Homeschooling Misconceptions

Sharing this tid bit of information again. Despite being in a pandemic for the last 8 months, people are still confused about the truths of homeschooling.

In regards to education, no one can dictate what is best for your child. If, a big if, schools do reopen for hybrid, that is your choice. Maybe you decide to remote learn. Maybe you find homeschooling is the best option. You as a parent must do what is right for your family and circumstances.

Lets not put guilt on families who choose differently. You do not know their circumstances. You do not know if their child does better in a traditional school setting or not. There are many reasons to do any of of those options.

However, I am still seeing a major confusion on what remote learning is vs homeschooling and still a huge negative reaction to homeschooling, and that is because people do not understand or want to understand homeschooling. That is frustrating to the rest of us. So lets clear up some things here.

Remote Learning is provided by the school. It is their curriculum, with their teachers on their schedule. Homeschooling is your freedom on curriculum, schedule, learning style and teaching style.

There are many different ways to teach and many different types of curriculums that can suit so many different families. Homeschooling is not replicating school at home as that has a 98% failure rate. Homeschooling is different for every family but there is much more to learning then being in a school environment.

There are a lot of misconceptions about homeschooling and its unfortunate many do not want to take the time to listen or learn even if they do not homeschooling. So here they are

1. Homeschool kids do not socialize – this is inaccurate. First off our children are not animals. We are educating them differently that doesn’t mean they aren’t out doing field trips, having classes, being in the playground etc. In fact homeschool kids get more time to socialize and develop social skills then kids in a traditional school setting

2. Homeschool kids won’t be successful in their adulthood – oh man, the amount of times I hear this. Again in accurate. Homeschoolers are 33% more successful than kids who go through traditional school. Homeschool kids aren’t surrounded by 25+ kids and one teacher daily, being forgotten and passed through and not able to follow their passions.

3. Kids won’t learn as much or as well – Truth is, Kids who homeschool are typically more advanced then traditional school. By 8th grade, homeschoolers are one year a head and by 12th its 4 years. When you homeschool you help your child learn through their learning style and not having to compromise

4. You need to be “qualified” to homeschool – This varies by state but usually no. You are a parent, you are qualified to teach your children. You already have been since they were born. You need the confidence. It is okay to not know everything and learn along side your child.

5. Only the wealthy and Stay at home parents can homeschool – Nope, any one. Its not easy but yes you can work and homeschool, whether your working in the house or outside. You also do not need to be wealthy. There are many free or low cost curriculums, you can get supples used or on sale or unschooled and use what is around you.

6. Homeschoolers can’t participate in extracurriculars – now in many places they can not through the school but it varies. There are extracurriculars just for homeschoolers. No need to worry

7. Homeschoolers can’t get into college- Actually, colleges love homeschoolers, who have an easier time getting into colleges, including Harvard and Yale.

8. Only religious people homeschool – while there are many religious homeschoolers, there are many more secular homeschoolers as well.

9. There aren’t many resources for homeschoolers – while that was true 10-20 years ago, thats not the case today. There are many more resources, especially free or affordable options, that have been discovered in the last year alone.

10. Homeschoolers don’t learn the “right” things – unless your state has regulations on what a child should be learning, that is up to the parents on what will be taught,

11. Homeschooling is restrictive – I can’t believe I even heard this. Completely the opposite. Homeschooling gives far more freedom. You set the pace and the schedule. Its on your time and no one else.

12. Kids miss out on school experiences – while no they don’t do school plays, dances or field trips, there are plenty of homeschool versions to be involved with.

13. Homeschool kids don’t learn as quickly – Most kids who homeschool do better than children in public school. But it is okay to slow down and fully understand things, or research until your satisfied. That is the entire benefit of homeschooling.

14. Homeschool kids only wear demin, or pajamas – As homeschoolers, its up to you on what you wear. If jeans make you comfortable, go for it. Or Pajamas, or if you want your child in uniform, hey that works too. It is completely up to each individual family and their choice.

15. Homeschoolers aren’t exposed to diversity, or its only for white families – While there is a higher number of caucasian families, there is also a lot of diversity both in ethnicity as well as religion and ancestry. Thats what is so wonderful about it. Our kids can interact with others that differ from us and learn more of a hands on experiences.

16. Very few children are homeschooled, or this is only a pandemic thing – Oh no, sorry to burst some bubbles here but there are over 2 million homeschooled children in the USA alone and the number continues to grow. Homeschooling has actually been around since the beginning of time and since the 1980s, has had regulations in the USA.

17. No kid wants to homeschool – Thats a laughable statement. Most homeschooled kids I know much rather homeschool than go to public school. Of course things may change but so many kids do far better being homeschooled and love it.

18. Only Americans homeschool and its not legal – no to both points here. While there are some countries like Germany and France where it is illegal to homeschool, there are many more where it is. Laws and regulations do vary, even in the USA.

19. All homeschool families are anti public school – so not true, while there are definitely times I may come off like that, I’m not against public schools. Many kids do very well with public, I was one of those kids, but I also see the flaws in the public education system and want them to do better. Being a parent, in a country where homeschooling is legal, it is my right and my choice to educate him the way I see fit while still following our state laws.

20. Homeschool kids still stick to grade level standards – on the contrary, ids vary in levels per a subject. While many families do choose to, its not necessary. Personal experience is my son is far ahead in History and Science by 2 grades but at grade level or slightly below in Math and English. Doesn’t mean I’m not still working with him. Thats also common in public but most publics won’t allow you to push your child ahead by only subject or two.

21. You have to have a classroom in your house to school – as i mentioned above, there are many different ways of homeschooling, plus not everyone has the room. No its not necessary. Many do like it as a focus area and help organize their materials but most people do not. A dinning room, playroom, bedroom, outside are just a few places you can do school.

22. Homeschooling and unschooling are the same – I want to burst out laughing but clearly can’t while I write. If you haven’t read my types of homeschooling method (teaching style). I suggest you do so as i explain the many different types of homeschoolers there are. Think of Homeschooling as an umbrella term. Unschooling is a method of homeschooling that follows your child’s interests that isn’t a set curriculum. Unschoolers use every moment and opportunity to teach through real world experiences while having fun.

There are so many more misconceptions out there and I can keep going but it will take me a week to write out this entire post. The point is, please don’t judge someone for their decision even if it is not right for you. Best to be informed and understanding.

Much love to you all, stay safe and stay healthy.

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