Disney Minecraft

Are you a big Disney fan like us? I’m betting you are if your reading this. We not only love Disney as individuals but as a family and for learning. Disney has a lot, I mean a lot, to offer when it comes to learning. Not as much in Science unless your going to count the theme parks and use it to teach Physics.

Anyway, we use the films to get inspired for cooking, writing, reading, pretend and even some geography but pretty recently we were scrolling through our Add on app for Minecraft and come across Disney Modifications and worlds. Of course we had to take the time to check them out and glad we did.

We found Epcot, which is one of the parks in Disney World, Florida

Magic Kingdom, Disney World, Florids

A second Disney World.

Disney Park, which was modeled after Disneyland Paris.

and a Tangled World.

Going beyond just exploration, you can take a place, a ride, a book or even one of the movies and create your own world.

What did the world look like in the movies?

How did you picture the setting from the book?

How would it really look like?

If your going with the theme parks there is a lot more do to. Pick a Park. Do some research. Plan your world and get building. How would you build the rides? How would you replicate the different areas within the world?

Can you find a skin modification or code one?

Maybe you choose to recreate a Disney cruise. How you you create the ship? How about the waterslides? The arcades and cafeteria or spa areas? How would you imagine your dream Disney Cruise?

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