DIY Hot Chocolate Board

How adorable is our Hot Chocolate Board. We have several different kinds of Hot Cocoa to make. I will break it down for you how I did our board, I mean how Jinx and Belle surprised Matthew this morning for our movie day.

You will need a cutting board. I have a Bamboo set that I use just for our Charcuterie boards.

I added several cups, all the ones pictured are from Starbucks but you can use whatever you want. I grabbed 2 glass bowls from our cabinet to add:

Crushed Peppermint

and Coconut Flakes

Then I add 4 types of chocolate chips for different kinds of Hot Chocolate:


Salted Caramel

Milk Chocolate

and Expresso

And the last little bit I added was Cinnamon Sticks and different flavored Candy Canes.

This was ready to serve 4 people like all day long. We also had to chocolate packets ready to go with Hot Milk and Hot Water based on preference.

You can add anything you want flavor wise. I would also suggest Marshmallows but we were out and Matthew doesn’t like Marshmallows in his hot cocoa.

After this little surprise to Matthew, we made a Pancake Breakfast Board that you can check out.

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