DIY Pancake Breakfast Board

So this morning our elves, Jinx and Belle, made a DIY Hot Chocolate Board for Matthew. Click the link to see how it was done. With the trendy Charcuterie Boards the past 2 years, we wanted to have fun and join in. It is Christmas Eve and so we made it happen.

Matthew is a huge breakfast lover. I mean this child will eat pancakes 3 times a day if he was allowed. Thats actually happened when he was little when my dad, Pop Pop, watched him. Anyway, he requested pancakes for breakfast so thats exactly what we made.

We did have more pancakes so don’t worry. We had plain and Blueberry. Matthew really just wanted to dig in but these are perfect for a breakfast themed party, family meal and special events like holidays, slumber parties and just for fun.

How to Put Together

Fruits: Its important to have a balanced meal so we add 2 fruits to our breakfast. Oranges and Bananas were my go to this morning as that is what we had in the house.

Protein: I made Bacon and Sausage. It is a bit much but there are four of us and its nice to have options.

Pancakes: Our pancake recipe is below but as I mentioned earlier I made plain and blueberry. You can do any kind you want. Plain is easier and simple to add blueberries, apples, banana or chocolate chip to your mix to change the flavor as needed.

Toppings: You can see I did a small bowl of butter and I had Maple Syrup on the side as well.

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