Double Expresso Chocolate Chunk cookies

If you haven’t checked our our chocolate chip cookies, go do so. I created this recipe based off my chocolate chip cookie recipe by replacing certain ingredients.

So I don’t have a big story behind this cookie recipe. I made it up Monday night while cooking dinner. We had been craving chocolate chip cookies recently but hadn’t made them. So as I grabbed all the ingredients I realized i had chocolate chunks given to me by Chef Jacques Torres and his right hand man Chef Ken Goto when I left working for them. Having had it for almost a year and not using it, why not just do something with it. That got me thinking, I also had expresso chips i had planned on using soon. I used some for the mess of Bon Bons I made for Father’s Day. I don’t have pictures since it looked horrible but dad said they were still delicious. I am adding a present we got my dad aka Pop Pop a few years ago, his Tardis Cookie Jar, which he loves when it’s filled with delicious cookies.

So i stepped it up and replaced some of the flour with the Coco powder. And that is how this recipe came to be. Not much to it but totally delicious. I do want to note that they don’t spread and you dont need to chill the dough. If you like a flatter cookie lightly press the cookie balls down with your palm. Have fun baking.

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