Egyptian Minecraft

It is #MinecraftMonday and today we are covering Egypt. Most of the time when we study Egypt, we are specifically talking about Ancient Egypt versus modern day Egypt. As You can see from the photos below, Egypt is best known for these ornate and large structures honoring their gods. They are also best known for mummies, and no I do not mean the monster version, but the burial process and the belief of bringing things into the afterlife with you.

We had fun finding mods for this one, there were a few including the Pyramid of Giza and the Sphinx in War of Worlds.

As we can see in this second mod, there is more towards the accuracy of Ancient Egypt. I challenged Matthew to look at the photos below and create his own Ancient Egyptian society to replicate what we have learned.

We would love to see your kids art too. You can post on our Homeschooling Facebook Group.

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